Your question: What are examples of special interest tourism?

types of special interest tourism are suitable for niche marketing. For example, farm tourism, bird watching, dark tourism, hunting tourism, adventure tourism etc.

What are special interest tourism activities?

Special interest tourism (SIT) is the provision of customised tourism activities that caters to the specific interests of groups and individuals. In this case, tourism is undertaken to satisfy a particular interest or need. It has been proposed that SIT consists of four main experiences: … Learning Experiences.

What is an example of specialized tourism?

Specialised tourism is the provision of customised tourism activities that cater to the specific interests of groups and individuals. An individualised tour itinerary with a chauffeur and your own tour guide is an example of specialised tourism. – for leisure, for business or to visit friends and relatives.

What are the 8 types of special interest travel?

Types of special interest holidays

  • Active and wellbeing. Walking, stretching, pedalling – if keeping active is your favourite way to relax, then why not do more of the same on holiday? …
  • Learn and develop. …
  • Cultural discovery. …
  • Weird and wonderful.
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What is special interest group tourism?

The specialized tourism that involves group of tourists whose main reason or motivation to travel is their interests and needs, including their hobbies and activities, is called Special interest tourism (SIT). … They also suggest that special interest tourists are seeking the authenticity of the places they visit.

What is future of special interest tourism?

Driven by traveler’s yearning for new experiences, special interest tourism has emerged as a niche market with impressive potential in the tourism sector. According to Future Market Insights (FMI), special interest tourism or (SIT) market is set to register exponential growth between 2020 and 2030.

What is a special interest holiday?

special interest holidays. DEFINITIONS1. a holiday arranged for people with particular interests, such as painting, cooking, or bird-watching.

What are the four types of attractions?

Generally, tourist attractions can be separated into four main categories: natural, man-made, sport, events.

What are the specialized markets of Department of tourism?

These specialized markets include the staycation program and the P2P air travel for leisure purposes from the NCR Plus area.

What is hard adventure tourism?

Hard Adventure

Hard tourism includes the activities like climbing mountains/rock/ice, trekking, caving, etc. Hard adventure activities are highly risked in nature. Professional guides and advanced levels of skills are required to perform these activities. Many tourists died during climbing mountains, caving every day.

How many types of special interest tourism are there?

2.1. Discuss the range and classification of tourism products and services available to travellers. There are many kinds of special tourism interest; it can be educational tourism, sports tourism, sex tourism, health and beauty tourism, arts and entertainment tourism and a lot more.

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Why special interest tourism has become popular?

Special interest tourism (SIT) has become an important part of present tourism industry. The present tourist is more interested, motivated and confident about travelling to new places around the world where they will find something different rather than traditional mass tourism.

When did special interest tourism start?

Special interest tourism (SIT) has rapidly grown in volume and value across both the developed and developing worlds since the 1980s, fuelled on the one hand by the increasing diversity of leisure inter- ests which characterise contemporary society (Douglas et al., 2001; Trauer, 2006), and on the other by a more …

What is the difference between mass tourism and special interest tourism?

Mass tourism (Vainikka, 2013) refers to the act of visiting a destination with large amounts of people at one time, while niche tourism (also referred to as “specialty tourism”) usually focuses on a specific concept or topic, that could be art, food, sports, or whatever else. …

What are the major players in special interest tour in India?

Special Interest Tours in India including butterfly & dragon flies, birds and wildlife photography tours

  • Vegan Holiday in Kerala, Multi activity ( 9 Days ) …
  • India, Tuk-Tuk Adventures ( 10 Days ) …
  • Butterflies & Dragonflies Tour of Western Ghats ( 10 Days ) …
  • Western Ghats Botanical Tours ( 13 Days )

What factors influence special interest holidays?

Special Interest Holidays and Independent Travel

  • Motivational theories e.g. plog.
  • Hobbies and interests.
  • Meet new people.
  • Health tourism.
  • Media influences.