Your question: Do I need a visa for Kuwait from USA?

No Visas Upon Arrival: Since August 1, 2020, visas are not being issued upon arrival at the airport. Visas are also not available electronically in advance. If you do not have a visa, you will need to obtain a visa or other approval in advance of travel from the nearest Embassy or Consulate of Kuwait.

Do U.S. citizens need a visa to visit Kuwait?

All Americans traveling to Kuwait for touristic purposes are required to hold a valid Kuwait online visa which is an electronic travel authorization.

Can US citizen visit Kuwait?

Visas for U.S. citizens are issued upon arrival at all Kuwaiti ports of entry. General Requirements: Valid passport with a minimum of six (6) months prior to expiration date.

How can I get Kuwait visa from USA?

US nationals can begin the application process of the Kuwait electronic visa by completing an online form with their personal, passport, and travel details. American passport holders will be required to provide proof of their accommodation in Kuwait while completing the online questionnaire.

How much is visa from US to Kuwait?


Fee Amount (USD) Fee Amount (KWD) Visa Type
$160 51.20 B
$160 51.20 C-1
$160 51.20 D
$160 51.20 F

Can I get visa on arrival in Kuwait?

Visitors from certain countries can obtain a Kuwait visa on arrival. … The application can be completed in a few minutes and saves the time and hassle of queuing at the border for a visa on arrival in Kuwait. Travelers can enter Kuwait by presenting a copy of their eVisa along with their passport.

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How much is a Kuwait visa?

What is the cost to obtain a Kuwait e-visa? The cost is USD 22.00 for standard processing. For rush processing and super rush processing, the cost is USD 64.00 and USD 94.00, respectively.

How can an American move to Kuwait?

In order to live and work in Kuwait, expatriates have to obtain a residency visa (iqama). This visa can only be issued on the basis of a valid employment offer from a private company or a Kuwaiti government organization. The Kuwaiti employer then applies for the iqama on behalf of the expatriate employee.

How can I get e-visa for Kuwait?

Applicants need the following documents to submit a Kuwait eVisa application:

  1. Passport valid for at least six (6) months from the intended arrival date in Kuwait.
  2. An image of the passport biographical page.
  3. A valid credit or debit card to pay the Kuwait eVisa fee.
  4. GCC Residency Card – if applicable.