Is Harvard offering in person tours?

Our tours are led by students and are offered both in-person, on campus and virtually. In addition, self-guided tours are offered on the Visit Harvard mobile app, available to download on iOS and Android devices.

Is Harvard doing in-person tours?

We have been closely monitoring COVID-19 and doing our part to keep our community and our visitors healthy and safe. Therefore, we have decided to close our Visitor Center and suspend in-person information sessions and campus tours until further notice. However, you can now register for an online information session!

Are visitors allowed at Harvard?

As the local public health situation continues to improve, the University has begun to resume allowing visitors on campus.

Can I walk around Harvard?

Will there be a lot of walking? The Harvard campus tour is just over an hour long. It starts right outside the subway station and you’ll walk in through the university gates, around the yard and past some of the more historic buildings.

Is Yale doing in-person tours?

All interior Yale spaces remain closed to visitors. Requests to visit a classroom or specific campus location cannot be accommodated. The Yale Visitor Center and Admissions Office are not currently able to offer in-person tours for groups.

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Is Harvard library open to public?

All libraries are open to current Harvard students, faculty, staff, and library card holders with active borrowing and access cards.

Are Harvard buildings open?

Richard A.

and Susan F. Smith Campus Center are open to current Harvard students, faculty, and staff for studying, working, and socializing. Outdoor spaces with tables, chairs, and umbrellas are available including those the second floor roof deck. Food and drink is permitted in all outdoor spaces.

What is Harvard looking for in an applicant?

In reviewing your application, Harvard considers the obvious markers of high school performance such as grades, test scores, and awards that you’ve received. Doing well by measures such as possessing an enviable GPA is necessary in order to be a competitive applicant.

Are guests allowed in Harvard dorms?

Each resident can host one guest at a time in their room or suite. The guest must live on campus. The guest does not always need to be the same person. No overnight guests in accordance with the single- room occupancy rule.

Do you have to be vaccinated to visit Harvard?

To reach the high levels of vaccination needed to protect our community, Harvard is requiring COVID-19 vaccination for all Harvard community members, including students, faculty, staff, and researchers, who will have any on-campus presence. Exceptions will be provided only for medical or religious reasons.

Is Harvard gated?

2) The Main Gate that’s Nearly Always Closed

Harvard has many other gates which are open 24/7 (anyone could visit the campus during regular days). However, Johnston Gate is closed for most of the year. That’s because Harvard students should pass through it only twice.

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Can you walk around 2021 Harvard?

I walked around Harvard University in November 2021 for about an hour. I saw Harvard Yard, the John Harvard statue, Memorial Church, Harvard University Library, Memorial Hall and Massachusetts Hall. It was a very nice place to walk around especially on a Sunday morning.

Where does the Harvard walking tour start?

Out of Town Newsstand. Your tour starts outside the Harvard Sq. MBTA (subway) Station. Notice the Out of Town Newsstand which is a Cambridge landmark.

How close are Yale and Harvard?

Distance between Harvard and Yale is 370 KM / 230.2 miles.

Can you visit Princeton University?

Prospective students are welcome to visit campus and enjoy our outdoor facilities; however, per University policy, visitors will not have access to buildings on campus.

Can I visit Columbia University?

Self-guided tours

There’s nothing quite like visiting Columbia to experience the campus, the neighborhood and the City for yourself. Please feel free to visit the campus anytime.