Is anyone touring with Foreigner?

Foreigner is currently touring across 14 countries and has 51 upcoming concerts. Their next tour date is at Port Everglades – Fort Lauderdale in Port Everglades, after that they’ll be at Celebrity Summit in Miami.

Is Mick Jones touring with Foreigner in 2021?

Like a ballplayer on the injured reserve list, the status of Foreigner guitarist and co-founder Mick Jones is day-to-day on the band’s 2021 tour. … When Jones is not on stage, Foreigner – which performs Aug. 7 at Hartman Arena – has none of its original members.

Is Foreigner touring in 2021?

Foreigner will head out on a 121-date tour across 16 countries in 2021 and 2022. The expansive tour’s U.S. leg, which kicks off in June, stops in 71 cities in 42 states.

Will Lou Gramm tour with Foreigner in 2021?

Foreigner has been added to the free concert lineup at the 2021 New York State Fair. The “Hot Blooded” rock band will perform Monday, Aug. … Update: A rep for Foreigner said the band currently has no plans at this stage for Gramm, who lives in the Rochester suburb of Webster, N.Y., to join them at any shows this summer.

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Is Lou Gramm still touring with Foreigner?

Fast-forward to 2021 and the former Foreigner singer has returned to the road, once again sharing the stage with Asia Featuring John Payne, who are playing their own set and doing double duty as Gramm’s backing band. …

Is the group Foreigner still around?

Jones came up with the band’s name as he, McDonald and Dennis Elliott were British, whereas Gramm, Al Greenwood and Ed Gagliardi were American.

Foreigner (band)

Origin New York City, New York, United States
Genres Hard rock arena rock soft rock pop rock
Years active 1976–present
Labels Rhythm Safari Atlantic

Is Mick Jones ill?

Foreigner leader Mick Jones blamed complications from heart surgery for his temporary absence from the road awhile back, but as he recently revealed during an interview with CBS News, that wasn’t really the whole story. In fact, admits Jones now, his problems were more emotional than physical in nature.

Does REO Speedwagon still tour?

REO Speedwagon Tour Dates 2022

Their Live and UnZoomed tour kicks off May 31st in Grand Rapids and continues into September making additional stops in Maryland Heights, Cincinnati, Kansas City, Tampa, Denver, Mountain View, Dallas, Nashville and Toronto.

Is Kelly Hansen still with Foreigner?

Hansen joined Foreigner in 2005, after Lou Gramm left in 2003 due to continuing conflicts with Mick Jones.

Kelly Hansen
Years active 1985–present
Associated acts Foreigner, Hurricane, Unruly Child, Perfect World

Is the Foreigner concert Cancelled?

Due to a scheduling conflict, FOREIGNER has been forced to cancel their concert, THE GREATEST HITS OF FOREIGNER, on October 25, 2021, at the Providence Performing Arts Center (PPAC). … FOREIGNER ticketholders who purchased their tickets from PPAC will automatically receive a refund; no further action is needed.

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Why is Lou Gramm not with Foreigner?

Gramm announced his departure from Foreigner in May 1990 due to differences with Jones, and to focus on his solo career. Gramm left the group in 1990 to form Shadow King with close friend and former Black Sheep bassist Bruce Turgon.

What year did Foreigner record waiting for a girl like you?

How long are Foreigner concerts? Most concerts last about 2-3 hours but can run shorter or longer depending on the artist, opening acts, encore, etc. Foreigner concerts typically last 1.25 hours.

Will Lou Gramm tour with Foreigner in 2020?

“I’m very disappointed about not being able to perform at the Foreigner Double Vision: Then & Now shows for all the fans,” Gramm said in the statement. … “We will all miss Lou at our upcoming shows and we join all his family, friends and fans in wishing him a speedy recovery,” guitarist Mick Jones added.

Is Lou Gramm married?

Hansen joined the group in 2005, after Gramm and all the original members, excluding Jones, had left the group.