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Photo essay: Jamaica Zoo, Lacovia, St. Elizabeth

Despite my various trips to Jamaica I had never visited Jamaica Zoo. In fact, it’s actually a relatively new attraction to Jamaica, located close to YS Falls. At the time of my visit in March 2013, the zoo was quite empty. In fact, my family and I arrived so early in the day that we were the only guests at the zoo, although after a long drive from Portland we were glad to be out of the car and able to finally start our sightseeing in this part of the island before heading to beach. Continue reading Photo essay: Jamaica Zoo, Lacovia, St. Elizabeth

48 hours in São Paulo, Brazil

My latest travels have taken me to Brazil, primarily for Carnival in Rio but also for a chance to see and explore other regions of the country including São Paulo.

With just 48 hours to maximise our time in the city, we enjoyed our first evening by Shopping Higienopolis. Open until 10pm, we had plenty of time to browse the many stores in the deceptively large centre followed by dinner at Rascals, a reasonably priced pizza and pasta restaurant that offered delicious food, excellent service and undeniably good value. This proved to be a great way to spend the first day – calming, relaxed and giving us a great chance to see Brazilian fashion sense in its element. Continue reading 48 hours in São Paulo, Brazil