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Why I’m staying in London for summer 2012

Tower Bridge, London

In 2010 I was living in Birmingham and contemplating relocation to London with my partner. Naturally, I had started to seek opportunities in the city when I came across an advert for Olympic Ambassadors, 8000 of which were being recruited from across the UK. This would be to support the games that were coming to the capital city.

The process involved completing a fairly lengthy application form, providing passport information and much other detail to even be considered for the first round of short listing. I had a spare half hour with it being my lunch break and it sounded like a fantastic once in a lifetime opportunity… so I applied. Continue reading Why I’m staying in London for summer 2012

“The Inspiration Initiative” #inspiretravel

EasyJet Holidays recently launched the ‘Inspiration Initiative’ competition, asking bloggers to blog about who, what, where and when they were inspired to travel. I’ve decided to take part, you can find out more information via this link.


My parents. Whilst we were not able to travel as often as they would have liked, the times when we did were certainly memorable in shaping my perception of travel during the formative years. Continue reading “The Inspiration Initiative” #inspiretravel

Jamaican Jerk Chicken Tapas recipe (Competition entry)

My partner’s home-made recreation – delicious!

Please send me on holiday to Barcelona” – Easyjet Holidays competition. I have decided to enter the recipe below for the Easyjet competition taking a little inspiration from Jamaica (ruled by Spain 1509-1655) and of course recreating it tapas style.

To create this tapas dish with a twist, Continue reading Jamaican Jerk Chicken Tapas recipe (Competition entry)

Tips for visiting the ‘Sovereign State’ – Dubai

As part of a one week trip, I wanted to explore two cities – Amsterdam and Dubai. A two day trip to Amsterdam, followed by continuing the flight on to Dubai for a remaining five days as part of KLM’s multi-destination booking feature. Continue reading Tips for visiting the ‘Sovereign State’ – Dubai

Marrakech, Morocco – 3 days – 2 people – 1 objective – EXPOSURE!

In search of a diverse, culture filled break from the UK, I arranged a break to Marrakech in Morocco, North Africa for my boyfriend and I for a long weekend getaway.

Flying with Ryanair from East Midlands direct to Menara Airport (following a two hour delay!)  we arrived in the early evening and were immediately taken aback by the heat of the country. There were cashpoints immediately located in the airport, making it easy to withdraw our cash in the first instance. As we left the airport, we were greeted by a line of taxis, each bartering for our business. When we found one that seemed more familiar with our destination – Riad la Maison Rouge – we loaded our baggage and headed off into the night of Marrakech.

We arrived at the riad within around 30 minutes darkness was taking a full hold of the night. After settling into the riad, we decided to make the most of what remained fof the evening. The riad manager provided the directions and we set off for the main square, Djemaa el Fna. Continue reading Marrakech, Morocco – 3 days – 2 people – 1 objective – EXPOSURE!

“Somewhere Over the Rainbow”

Hello and welcome to the Ad-lib Traveller blog. I started this blog as a way to share my travel experiences with like-minded people across the world. Ultimately, I see the blog as a way to share my own experience but also to learn and share inspiration with others.

As the first post, I decided upon the name “Over the Rainbow” which yes, does have everything to do with the familiar Judy Garland song or more recently, Eva Cassidy. Continue reading “Somewhere Over the Rainbow”