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Photo essay: Jamaica Zoo, Lacovia, St. Elizabeth

Despite my various trips to Jamaica I had never visited Jamaica Zoo. In fact, it’s actually a relatively new attraction to Jamaica, located close to YS Falls. At the time of my visit in March 2013, the zoo was quite empty. In fact, my family and I arrived so early in the day that we were the only guests at the zoo, although after a long drive from Portland we were glad to be out of the car and able to finally start our sightseeing in this part of the island before heading to beach. Continue reading Photo essay: Jamaica Zoo, Lacovia, St. Elizabeth

Serenity in St. Elizabeth, Jamaica

On my latest visit to Jamaica, I’ve had more time than usual to cram in some sightseeing around the country hence being able to take a trip from Portland (in the East) towards the southern coast, with one of my destinations being the parish of St. Elizabeth. Whilst I have family based there, I can’t recall the last time that I actually visited (awful, I know!), so I was keen to become reacquainted with the area, albeit for just a few short hours.

The parish of St. Elizabeth is one of the largest in Jamaica, yet it remains largely unspoilt – which is a true part of its beauty. The less-trodden paths offer great appeal to those seeking a serene way to take in the culture of Jamaica and the diversity of its people. Continue reading Serenity in St. Elizabeth, Jamaica

Enjoying nature’s benefits at YS Falls, St. Elizabeth, Jamaica

I’m currently in Jamaica visiting family and exploring the island’s activities; regardless of how often I visit, there is always something fun to do! So I was thrilled to take a trip to St. Elizabeth and specifically to Lacovia to experience YS Falls – an attraction that I was previously only vaguely aware of.

Despite visiting Jamaica several times, I haven’t spent a great deal of time in the parish of St. Elizabeth, so my family and I took a trip from Portland to explore this lesser-travelled area of the country.

The attraction consists of a 7 tiered waterfall, flowing into intermittent pools of varying depths, therefore the advisory is to check the depth of the water BEFORE you enter. Lifeguards are on hand at each pool to support visitors through the visit, just in case you do experience difficulties in the water. Continue reading Enjoying nature’s benefits at YS Falls, St. Elizabeth, Jamaica