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‘Tropical Sailing’ in Florida

As part of my visit to Florida, I really wanted a chance to get out onto the water and experience some fun in the sun. After researching a few options, I contacted Tropical Sailing as they offered a ‘Sail and Splash’ package in Fort Lauderdale that sounded ideal; an afternoon at sea in the Florida heat on board a spacious 50-foot long catamaran before coming to a stop to enjoy the “Aquatic Playground”.
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‘Welome to Jamrock’ – Portland, Jamaica and why you should visit

WJamaicahilst considering a new blog post, I realised that I hadn’t written about the one place that I have visited numerous times – Jamaica. Now, as I am of Jamaican descent, I try to visit my family that are based there as frequently as I can. Essentially, if I am seeking a break from the UK in search of sunshine, white sandy beaches and family time then this is my place to go (provided I can find a reasonably priced flight).

Now, Jamaica gets quite a mixed response from people, some who adore the difference in culture, the laidback attitude (remember the Malibu advert?) and others who find it a little difficult to adapt to. Continue reading ‘Welome to Jamrock’ – Portland, Jamaica and why you should visit