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Stay connected abroad for less with HolidayPhone

I’m pretty tech-savvy and like to stay connected whilst I travel, but one thing has remained a difficulty since the advent of smartphones: how to access affordable data on my smartphone whilst travelling internationally. HolidayPhone are one of many companies that now offer a viable solution for staying connected whilst travelling. Continue reading Stay connected abroad for less with HolidayPhone

Pay and go with Telaway for your next trip to the USA

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While using your UK issued mobile phone in the USA is easy, it’s not always cheap. If you need to be in contact with home at an affordable rate, it’s worth considering the purchase of  a local SIM card.

On my recent visit to the USA, Telaway offered me a solution that allowed me an unlimited phone, text and data allowance for the duration of the trip.

While there’s some up-front cost to pay for the SIM card from Telaway, using a local SIM card is liberating, allowing to you to use your phone whenever and wherever you like without any obligation to wait for a good WiFi connection or to pay an extortionate rate for a phone call.  Continue reading Pay and go with Telaway for your next trip to the USA

Financial responsibilities whilst travelling

You’ve saved for the trip of your dreams and are all set to go. But, there are always a few things to consider before you depart, and unfortunately it falls onto – finances.

Knowing the limits of your expenses and sticking to that can make all the difference in having a trip from hell and one that is filled with a lifetime of memories.

Below are my top five tips for helping things to run smoothly whilst on your travels: Continue reading Financial responsibilities whilst travelling