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Revelations in “New York, New York”

“New York, New York”, the city that never sleeps and one that I recently visited on an oh-so-spontaneous trip across the Atlantic – oh, and it was also my first solo trip; bring on the pressure!

New York is a city that I was never quite sure about. As a beach and relaxation kind of girl, the idea of the glitz, shopping, glamourous nightlife and more was never something that was at the top of my bucket list. In fact, it always reminded me of London, which may explain why I put off visiting – why go somewhere that was just like home? Continue reading Revelations in “New York, New York”

Sex and the City with On Location Tours, New York

On a recent spontaneously planned to to New York, I was invited to join ‘On Location Tours‘ for a trip around Manhattan on their Sex and the City (SATC) tour. I couldn’t wait to join them and learn more about a show and its roots.

Did you know that the average episode of SATC costs $120,000 dollars to rent space in New York alone? That’s before the costs for actors, extras, crew and equipment have been factored in. It doesn’t come cheap at all! Continue reading Sex and the City with On Location Tours, New York