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DreamBags JaguarShoes” – It’s anything that you want it to be!

Is it a bar, cafe, exhibition space… well, it’s actually all of those things and more. The location of “DreamBags JaguarShoes” couldn’t be any more perfect – Shoreditch in East London is a constant buzz of activity, a fashionable and trendy place to socialise with good friends in excellent surroundings – which was exactly my purpose for being there.

As I settled into the lively atmosphere, it was undeniable that this was a very funky place to be. The name alone – “DreamBags JaguarShoes” – makes the most indifferent of visitors just a little bit curious. As it happens, the name was originally from the 1980’s bag and shoe wholesalers that once occupied the building. The original signage still adorns the front which probably adds to the speculation of what takes place behind its doors. The unique bar regularly hosts DJ events and displays of artwork. Continue reading DreamBags JaguarShoes” – It’s anything that you want it to be!

#CookingWithJamesMartin – James Martin Cooking day, ‘Food at 52’ with Thomas Cook UK

James Martin cookery day at ‘Food at 52’, London

Today we spent a day cooking with James Martin. Yes, James Martin, a TV Chef that makes regular appearances on Saturday Kitchen, BBC1, a popular UK cookery show. Sponsored by Thomas Cook UK, the day was intended to display the partnership of the airline with the Chef to make a difference to airline food. We’ve all tried it. Food that is uninspiring, tasteless and offering no nutritional value whatsoever. Well, it seems that Thomas Cook are an airline trying and (if today was anything to go by) succeeding in setting a new standard.

Now whilst this wasn’t a direct travel opportunity, I think that food is a big part of travel. We visit a country, sample local cuisine and go home often trying to recreate it. Yet the flight is so much of the experience. From when we set foot inside the airport, the holiday experience should start. In-flight meals can help to make or break how you feel when you land yet often leave that full and sluggish feeling.

So today aimed to ensure that Thomas Cook and James Martin demonstrate the changes that they are making, providing good, satisfying food from fresh and tasty ingredients. Continue reading #CookingWithJamesMartin – James Martin Cooking day, ‘Food at 52’ with Thomas Cook UK