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Five reasons to visit Brooklyn, New York

I was fortunate to have my first visit to the Big Apple earlier this year with the joint fortune of it being my first solo trip! My accommodation was in Clinton Hill, so I enjoyed exploring the city and seeing so much in my limited time there. With just two days to explore, I maximised my exploration of Brooklyn with a promise to see the rest on a return visit.

Brooklyn in particular is somewhere that I was excited to see; it’s best described as easygoing, diverse and artistic without being over the top.  Continue reading Five reasons to visit Brooklyn, New York

Foodie heaven in Brooklyn, New York

For my first visit to New York I had arranged to stay in Brooklyn – and was so pleased that I did. Not only was it a lively, culturally diverse part of the city, but it also had some fantastic restaurants to satisfy the foodie in me at non-Times-Square prices.

During the visit, I found three fantastic restaurants that I needed to share. Each one offered fresh, quality food, great flavour and a range of appetising drinks, along with friendly service and welcoming atmospheres. They all seemed to be consistently busy, always a positive sign in my opinion.

Continue reading Foodie heaven in Brooklyn, New York

48 hours in São Paulo, Brazil

My latest travels have taken me to Brazil, primarily for Carnival in Rio but also for a chance to see and explore other regions of the country including São Paulo.

With just 48 hours to maximise our time in the city, we enjoyed our first evening by Shopping Higienopolis. Open until 10pm, we had plenty of time to browse the many stores in the deceptively large centre followed by dinner at Rascals, a reasonably priced pizza and pasta restaurant that offered delicious food, excellent service and undeniably good value. This proved to be a great way to spend the first day – calming, relaxed and giving us a great chance to see Brazilian fashion sense in its element. Continue reading 48 hours in São Paulo, Brazil

Revelations in “New York, New York”

“New York, New York”, the city that never sleeps and one that I recently visited on an oh-so-spontaneous trip across the Atlantic – oh, and it was also my first solo trip; bring on the pressure!

New York is a city that I was never quite sure about. As a beach and relaxation kind of girl, the idea of the glitz, shopping, glamourous nightlife and more was never something that was at the top of my bucket list. In fact, it always reminded me of London, which may explain why I put off visiting – why go somewhere that was just like home? Continue reading Revelations in “New York, New York”

Expired: Win 2 tickets for an “On Location” tour of your choice!

On Location Tour bus

Update: This competition is now closed. The winner has been confirmed: Zarina de Ruiter – congratulations!

I recently spent some time taking part in an ‘On Location’ tour in New York City. I’m a little bit of a T.V. buff (OK a lot!) so this was the perfect way for me to see some of the sights that are familiar from my favourite T.V. shows – Sex and the City anybody? 🙂

With that, I’m running a competition that gives you the chance to win 2 tickets to an On Location Tours tour of your choice in either Boston or New York City.

Don’t worry if you have no immediate plans to visit either city, the tour certificate never expires and the winner is free to redeem the prize at his/her convenience for any of the tours available. Continue reading Expired: Win 2 tickets for an “On Location” tour of your choice!

Sex and the City with On Location Tours, New York

On a recent spontaneously planned to to New York, I was invited to join ‘On Location Tours‘ for a trip around Manhattan on their Sex and the City (SATC) tour. I couldn’t wait to join them and learn more about a show and its roots.

Did you know that the average episode of SATC costs $120,000 dollars to rent space in New York alone? That’s before the costs for actors, extras, crew and equipment have been factored in. It doesn’t come cheap at all! Continue reading Sex and the City with On Location Tours, New York