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Highlights of the Musée du Louvre, Paris

Musée du Louvre

Following a recent post about my return to Paris, I questioned the best way to maximise time in and around the Musée du Louvre. It’s such a daunting museumthat having a ‘plan’ (even in the loosest of ways) is essential.Now, I’m not usually a big fan of museums. Unless I’m in the right mood, I tend to switch off a bit and rush through the pieces, keen to get outside and see the rest of the destination – plus I don’t like being told that I ‘should’ admire this official piece. I blame school trips that sometimes lacked substance. People are receptive to different things and that in itself should be respected (for instance I really love the skill and creativity of street art). Continue reading Highlights of the Musée du Louvre, Paris

Sometimes, you just need a plan…

This weekend my boyfriend and I are heading to Paris for a short getaway which we are both absolutely looking forward to. I have started a new job this week and he starts a new role in mid-September so you can appreciate that we have a busy few weeks coming up.

With that in mind, we wanted an itinerary for the trip to maximise our two days in the city and the time together. We both visited Paris in 2009 for new year celebrations which were fun but this would be something infinitely different. A chance to see the city in its ‘natural light’ without the glow of Christmastime.
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