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Photo Essay: The Perfect Tropical Escape to Ilha Grande, Brazil

Ilha Grande is a small island located off the coast of mainland Brazil in Angra Dos Reis. Surrounded in tropical greenery and boasting picturesque sandy beaches, the third largest island in Rio de Janeiro offers visitors the perfect escape from daily life. With no taxis, no cashpoints/ ATMs and a lack of WiFi or internet connection, it makes an idyllic break (just be sure to withdraw enough cash before you arrive). Continue reading Photo Essay: The Perfect Tropical Escape to Ilha Grande, Brazil

Unwind and relax in Paraty, Brazil

In 2013 I spent some time around Paraty (pronounced ‘Par-a-chi’) in Brazil for three days as part of a visit to the country.

Staying in Pousada Brunello meant that we weren’t directly in the main area of the small coastal town (instead opting for the beach location) but instead a short drive away – or an uncomfortable walk in the hot weather. With it being a relatively small place, it’s easy to walk around taking in some of the sights and atmosphere that we wanted to absorb. Below are a few photos from my walk around the picturesque town. Continue reading Unwind and relax in Paraty, Brazil

My growing travel list for 2013; what’s on your itinerary?

I’ve been reflecting on the year of travel that was 2012. It’s officially behind us and gosh, it was a busy one.

From changing jobs to founding The Ad-lib Traveller, discovering new getaways to learning more about those close to me,  it’s been an exciting learning curve that has enlightened me at every step of the way. I’ve enjoyed group travel in Bangkok and Koh Samui, Thailand, trips with my partner to destinations like Budapest as well as dates in and around our home city of London to places like Banana Tree and Wong Kei’s. Not only this, but I’ve also shared company with friends at places like Caribbean Scene Royale and other trips like taking my younger sister on her first city break to Dublin. I’ve also been fortunate enough to help out with the London 2012 Olympics – a once in a lifetime opportunity that was again a fun experience.

It’s been an amazing year and has continued to go from strength to strength; I’ve appreciated and enjoyed every trip that has come my way and there is so much more to come – which brings me into this blog post. Whilst reflecting on 2012, I’ve been busy setting out a growing list of travel plans for 2013 – get a sneaky preview of the first quarter of the year outlined below.

Continue reading My growing travel list for 2013; what’s on your itinerary?