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Top 5 reasons to visit Kos, Greece

Travellers heading to Greece may feel overwhelmed by the fact that there are more than 200 inhabited Greek Islands. Choosing which one to visit can be a dilemma at the best of times but despite only visiting one Greek island to date, Kos was a place that drew me in on not one, but two occasions.

The relatively small yet easily accessible island of Kos is inhabited by around 30,000 people and offers clear seas, a range of resorts and fantastic mediterranean cuisine. Continue reading Top 5 reasons to visit Kos, Greece

So I finally opened that pack of banana chips…

Banana chips from Thailand

So, I finally opened my pack of palm sugar covered banana chips. Yes, you read correctly. Banana chips. But not just any old kind. The ones that I bought whilst travelling in Thailand. Now don’t worry, this isn’t just a post about me and a love for banana chips (well, not completely) but it is about the relevance of food to a country and the travellers within it.

As we had been preparing for our final day in Bangkok, I had been searching for something that I would be allowed to pack in my suitcase to take home. Right now, as I munch through the pack, I am so happy with my decision.

Continue reading So I finally opened that pack of banana chips…

Mitsis Blue Domes Resort, Kos, Greece

I had the benefit of being able to visit the Mitsis Blue Domes resort in September for one week with my two best friends for what would be a girly holiday.

The location of the hotel is around 15mins drive from Kos town where there is nightlife, bars and the marina. This trip costs around £8 one way.

Upon arrival, we were thrilled to find that we were being accommodated in a beachfront Villa at the resort. This allowed us the benefit of our own pool and lounge areas as well as wine and fruit basket which was topped up each day. Continue reading Mitsis Blue Domes Resort, Kos, Greece