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Street Art and an Alternative City tour in Berlin #byExpedia

SONY DSCSONY DSCAs part of a successful entry in a competition arranged by Expedia, I won a trip to Berlin for five fun-filled days. The element of my entry had focussed around the alternative side of the city. Street art, liberalism and an open culture that I couldn’t wait to experience.

With this in mind, I opted to take part in the Sandeman’s New Europe Tour, one that promised to show the unique identity of West Berlin that has developed during nearly 40 years behind the Iron Curtain. This part of Berlin has been a magnet for non-conformists embracing the non-judgemental, progressive attitude that allows them to live in the alternative underground scene.

Having pre-confirmed the date and time for commencing the tour, we met the tour group outside of the Old Post Office at Oranienburger Strasse. Our guide introduced herself to the group as Grace, and after brief introductions from around the rest of the group (which drew attendees from around the world), it was clear that this was already a great representative mix of the people that Berlin attracts. Continue reading Street Art and an Alternative City tour in Berlin #byExpedia

Part 2: Sealife & acrobatics in Berlin #byExpedia

After the previous fun-filled evening, the following day in Berlin proved to be as exciting as the first, giving us a chance to take in more of the city. Highlights from the itinerary are featured below.

Aquadom (Sealife Centre)

After leaving Eurostars Hotel, we headed to Alexander Platz, a short stroll from the Aquadom, which would be our first stop off for the morning. With it being January, it was very quiet giving us a great chance to take in the sea life undisturbed. We enjoyed creatures from sharks to sting ray, crabs to starfish. Like many such centres, they are typically aimed at families with younger children to provide an educational experience, but we had a great time Continue reading Part 2: Sealife & acrobatics in Berlin #byExpedia