How can a foreigner rent in Japan?

Is it hard to get an apartment in Japan as a foreigner?

The process of receiving an apartment in Japan can be very difficult and confusing if you do not have the proper guidance. … To apply for an apartment you will need a residence card and a Japanese phone number. Also in some cases you will have to see the property in person before applying for it.

Can I rent an apartment in Japan as a tourist?

Passport and Visa

To apply for an apartment or housing contract in Japan you need to provide two forms of official identification: 1. … If you’re on a tourist visa, you’ll only be able to rent short-term contracts that specifically don’t require a guarantor. For long-term rentals, a 90-day tourist visa won’t be accepted.

How can I rent in Japan?

Steps for Renting an Apartment in Japan

  1. Know the quirks of apartment hunting in Japan.
  2. Before setting up an appointment with a real estate agent.
  3. Set up an appointment with a real estate agent.
  4. Meet your agent.
  5. Have your paperwork and documents.

How do I rent an apartment in Japan?

Most apartments in Japan are usually rented through a real estate agent who typically have offices located near train stations. Apartment listings are usually shown in the shop window as well as advertised in various publications and websites. Some nationwide agencies include Able and

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Can you rent an apartment in Japan for 3 months?

However, there are more and more apartments that can be rented without paying either, both in Tokyo and Osaka. * Hoshōkin: security deposit. In the past, it was as high as 3-5 months of rent, but recently is the same as in Tokyo with one month’s worth of rent.