Get the ‘Pecking Order’ right, in Stanmore, London

A few minutes walk from Stanmore tube station, Pecking Order is positioned along The Broadway offering an American-style dining experience and promises of high quality service.Living in London means that there’s a wide choice of restaurants on my doorstep offering a range of international cuisine. However visitors to the city often overlook parts of London that go beyond zone 1 – and that’s often where the best experiences are to be found.

Pecking Order, Stanmore

We chose to visit Pecking Order in Stanmore on a weekday evening. Stanmore is around 30 minutes by underground from central London and a relatively easy journey to make northbound on the Jubilee Line if you fancy exploring a nice area and topping off the visit with wholesome, feel good soul food.

The menu offers a great selection of hearty food. I chose to start with mac and cheese truffle bites priced at £5.75. Served with a sweet chilli dip, the creamy combination of mozzarella and macaroni was delicious. The bites are drizzled in truffle oil but this didn’t taste very strong. I felt that this should have provided a stronger kick of taste to the bites.

Chicken wings and macaroni cheese at Pecking Order, Stanmore

As part of the starters we also tried the chicken wings. There are a few sauce options with the wings but we couldn’t resist the coca-cola BBQ and smoked chilli honey chipotle. The latter was a fine choice but the coca-cola BBQ was sheer perfection – sweet, sticky and delicious. It’s impossible to enjoy them without getting messy, you’ll be in good company if you dig in with your hands and enjoy every last bite.

One of the specialities at Pecking Order is the rotisserie chicken, available in various portion sizes and something that we opted to share along with another main course of chicken and waffle.Chicken and waffle, Pecking Order, Stanmore

Priced at £9 the chicken and waffle meal consists of buttermilk chicken, sweet waffle, streaky bacon, maple syrup and poached egg. I’ve tried some delicious options of chicken and waffle in London, but this is amongst my favourites. I was pleased to see a non-central London do this to such a high standard.

After such a filling meal I barely had space remaining for dessert but I’m so glad that we opted to share the apple crumble with chantilly cream. This recipe consisted of well prepared apples and a crumbly topping that has that traditional, buttery texture.

Apple crumble and chantilly cream, Pecking Order, Stanmore

All three courses of food at Pecking Order were well prepared, served fresh and hot to the table. The restaurant also offers a decent drinks/cocktail menu however we didn’t get to explore this on this occasion.

A review of Pecking Order would be incomplete without highlighting the excellent service of the team at the restaurant. Unfortunately I didn’t get the name of the waiting staff that served our table but they were exceptional. Friendly, helpful and chatty without being intrusive – something that can be a difficult balance to achieve when eating out.

Pecking Order, Stanmore

Find out more about Pecking Order Stanmore or their new branch at The Hive.

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