Skane, Sweden, highlights of an underrated destination

I’d previously visited Sweden to explore Stockholm and Uppsala, both of which were places that I enjoyed. I was thrilled to have the opportunity to visit a friend in Skane for a few days during the summer to experience one of the most dynamic and expansive areas in Northern Europe.

Located in southernmost Sweden, Skane is strategically located in the fast-growing Öresund region, which incorporates Skane and Greater Copenhagen. It’s also home to international exports like Absolut Vodka.

I spent five days in the region, enjoying the vast landscape, spotting wildlife, tasting wonderful food and enjoying the creative scene at art galleries that are literally, one of a kind.

Smygehuk, SkånePlaces to visit


Located in the most southern point of Sweden, Smygehuk is a harbour and fishing village at Smygehamn.

It is best known for being the southernmost point of Sweden and the Scandinavian Peninsula. Smygehuk Lighthouse is also to the west of the harbour.

Saltsjöbad Beach

Sweden is a country that continues to surprise me. Amongst the expansive green landscape, quality food produce and the welcoming people, I hadn’t expected us to visit Saltsjöbaden, part of a long stretch of sandy beach that runs just southeast of the city of Ystad.

Saltsjöbaden, Skåne

The white sandy beach lines the paved beach walk as well as summerhouses and small colourful bath cabanas that are characteristic for Skane county. It’s a real eye-opener to the beauty of the country and sure to be a hit with beach lovers.

With a cosmopolitan vibe and excellent infrastructure to connect to other parts of the region, Malmö offers a hub of activity with restaurants, architecture, shopping and more.

Despite being Sweden’s third largest city, the majority of the city centre can be explored on foot. There are several walking tours available however we chose to browse the streets following our own map.Saint Peters Church, Skåne, SwedenSights to see included the Turning Torso, St. Peter’s Church (Sankt Petri Church), Turning Torso, Skåne, SwedenOresund Bridge (which connects Sweden to Copenhagen) and Kungsparken.

I really enjoyed seeing this side of Sweden; no visit to Skane would be complete without a visit to Malmö.


We managed to visit the coastal town of Simrishamn on a particularly sunny day. It was a perfect day to enjoy the weather in the small town and marketplace, browsing boutique stores and of course, enjoying an ice cream treat by the harbour. There’s also a train ride that visitors can take through the town in exchange for a few Swedish Krona.

Skåne, Sweden

The small town is built around the main street (Storgatan) which is fringed by quiet residential streets of carefully manicured homes. It’s a welcoming town, friendly and the ideal place to enjoy some free time.

Skåne, Sweden

Where to eat

Friden, Kivik

In Österlen, Kivik is a small town best known for it’s annual market and charming fishing village. Tucked away at the end of a country lane is Friden a beautiful restaurant that’s easy to miss if you’re unfamiliar with the area.Friden, Skåne, Sweden

With an extensive menu and a great selection of pizza and beers, the restaurant is popular and almost always fully booked – it’s recommended to book well in advance to secure a table in this unique, shabby-chic styled restaurant. The concept is fun and with the quality of freshly made food on offer, it’s easy to see why it’s such a hit.

Lönebostället, Gladsax

Situated in Gladsax, Lönebostället is ideally positioned to attract visitors that want to discover new art work, shop for small craft items and enjoy Fika of homemade pastries accompanied by tea or coffee. The menu choice is small but varied with each item freshly prepared.

Lönebostället, Skåne, Sweden

Lönebostället also specialise in local produce across their range of meat and vegetarian dishes. The farm house environment feels appropriate and offers a real sense of escape from the usual dining experience.

Activities to do

Art tour
Skane is a region that holds high appeal with artists and those from a creative background. Art tours around Skane are common at particular times of the year and usually indicated by art tour flags and signs outside of the homes of artists.

Art gallery, Skane, Sweden

During my visit to the region I was able to experience art in the artists’ own homes and studios and hear them talk about their work. Galleries that I visited included ‘Paintings by Ulf’ and Rockhead Art by Sofia Lundell.Art gallery, Skåne, Sweden

If you are planning to buy a piece of art, this is the most intimate way of doing so. Be sure to mark the locations of your favourite artists on the map before getting into the car. The art tour concept is popular throughout Skane.


Tosselilla is a family favourite in Skane offering visitors the chance to enjoy a waterpark, mini zoo, fairground and assault course all in one. The amusement park offers a fun experience for children and adults alike – my friend and I spent the whole day enjoying the water rides before trying out the segways and go-karting.

Tosselilla Amusement Park, Skåne, Sweden

One downside to the park is the lack of shower facilities. There’s an outdoor shower provided near to the pool area but nothing more inside of the basic changing rooms.

Tosselilla Zoo, Skåne, Sweden

The entry fee is equivalent to around £30 which includes the majority of activities. It’s great if you want to try something new without splurging the extra cash. For a fun day out, Tosselilla is a good way to enjoy Skane during the summertime.

Skane is a region that offers so much to so many. Suitable for solo travellers, groups of friends, families and couples, there’s an endless list of activities to be enjoyed. I just know that I’ll return to the region at some point and look forward to exploring it further.

Have you visited the Skane region of Sweden? Do you have any highlights or tips for visitors?

9 thoughts on “Skane, Sweden, highlights of an underrated destination”

  1. I have only ever been to Stockholm, but loved it! Like you I was surprised by the idea of beaches in Sweden… seems crazy. But I think going to one needs to be on my bucket list!


    1. Such a treat to discover that Sweden has such stunning beaches on offer. You’re right, it shows that there is always a reason to get away from the beaten path.


  2. I’ve spent time in and around Stockholm, and also up north in Lapland, but I never spent any time in the south, speeding through on route to Copenhagen (wait…. does Burger King in the Malmo train station count?) The food you got to try looks much, much better!


    1. Noooo, you have to do Malmo again Vanessa 🙂

      It’s an easy trip from Copenhagen (easier than travelling from Stockholm), hopefully you have a chance to return.


  3. I wouldn’t have thought of Sweden as a place that had beaches! I’ve never been to Sweden, but i really don’t know that much about it. Thanks for letting me know and giving me places to add to my bucket list!


  4. I would love to explore more of Sweden sometime–we have only been to Stockholm, but we loved it there! That beach looks amazing and the art tour sounds like a lot of fun. Looks like you had a great time!


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