For the love of… Valentine’s Day

For the lovers amongst us, Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. It’s the perfect time to surprise your crush with an appreciated gesture, or a chance to enjoy a trip with your loved one. Whether you’re newly loved up or strengthening a lifetime in the making, read on for my tips on how to make the most of this special time with your love.

1. Opt for a staycation activity
Staying active with your partner is a great way to build memories, and to share new experiences together, which always helps to build a foundation for any relationship. If you’re staying close to home or have limited time together, look at meaningful activities like taking a new class together, going for  hike, visiting a brewery – anything remotely different that helps to strengthen your bond. These are also great ways of not feeling so pressured to stare into each others eyes across a dinner table!

2. Rose petals in the bathtub are always a good choice
So is a good bottle of wine and strawberries. It might not be something that you do everyday, but making an extra effort with your significant other can go a long way. If you’re travelling then call ahead to your hotel and take advantage of any promotional offers available. Couples’ spa, chocolates in the room – anything that shows you’ve put a little bit of thought into making it extra special.Rose

3. Unplug and stay switched off
Whether you’re spending a few hours together or taking an extended trip away, turn off your mobile phone. Nothing says “I’m not interested in you” more than your partner being absorbed with what’s happening back home. Unless it’s an emergency, chances are that your mom, your boss and that girl’s night out, will still be there when you return.

4. Enjoy your time together
If you’re likely to spend the day in uncertainty, wondering “Is this it? This is the guy?” then relax. Valentines’ Day is a minefield of expectation, but guess what? It’s one day out of the whole year and your relationship will (hopefully) be about more than the day in question. Appreciate the location, the food, the experience, anything that takes the pressure off feeling as though you’re supposed to be completely absorbed in each other.

5. Location isn’t everything
Paris may be reputed as the ‘City of Love’ but honestly, a staycation can be equally as thrilling as a getaway to any number of destinations. If you’re staying at home then do the housework, bake a cake and light a few candles before enjoying a home-cooked meal – it could be just what the doctor ordered. Plan within your means and most of all, enjoy your time together.

Whether you are wooing or being wooed, I wish you a Valentine’s Day that’s full of love.

What are your tips for making the most of this Valentine’s Day?

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