Stay connected abroad for less with HolidayPhone

I’m pretty tech-savvy and like to stay connected whilst I travel, but one thing has remained a difficulty since the advent of smartphones: how to access affordable data on my smartphone whilst travelling internationally. HolidayPhone are one of many companies that now offer a viable solution for staying connected whilst travelling.

I reached out to HolidayPhone prior to my trip and received my SIM card via express delivery just in time for my trip. The pack contained clear instructions for set up which I read through whilst waiting in the departure lounge at Heathrow Airport.

The pack that I used for my trip consisted of:

  • One Australian SIM card and mobile number
  • Up to 150 mins of international calls
  • 4GB mobile data, valid for 30 days


I had read some mixed reviews online before my trip about experiences by some travellers using the SIM card. I decided that it would be better than my usual option of hopping between various temperamental WiFi signals.

My phone was switched off until I arrived in Melbourne. Upon landing and connecting to the airport WiFi, I activated the data on my phone and waited – fortunately it worked first time without any hiccups.

I immediately received a text message confirming my data allowance and that was that.

I stayed in Australia for two weeks travelling between Melbourne and Sydney and experienced no issues whatsoever. I regularly spoke to family and friends back home as well as those in Australia and was able to remain active online for communication via my main go-to channels: WhatsApp and social media.

When I returned home, I simply switched the SIM cards over and my usual network connected as normal.

HolidayPhone offer a range of packages for many countries to combine cheap calls, texts and mobile internet to meet any travellers requirements. With use of the add-on Call Forwarding service, you can also divert calls that are made to your usual number to your new SIM card – a bonus feature that I really appreciated.

There are no contracts and no invoices to pay when you get home. The process was very straightforward and one that I’d highly recommend if you’re travelling to Australia.

If you’re considering a purchase then don’t forget to check if your phone is locked to a specific operator. If it is, you’ll need to unlock the phone before your trip.

How do you stay connected with your family and friends whilst travelling?

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