Top five things to do in Sydney, Australia

Earlier this year I took a two week solo trip to Australia – a long distance getaway to explore a few sites without breaking the bank. I spent a week in Sydney and participated in two tours with Zepher Tours to Hunter Valley and the Blue Mountains as well as taking some time to explore attractions around the city with friends both old and new. Here are a few of my highlights and top five things to do in Sydney.

1. Pancakes on the Rocks

I tried Pancakes on the Rocks and it was so good that I had to go back for a second time in as many days. Great menu selection and friendly staff plus you can combine the options to have part crepes, part pancakes in a single meal with lashings of toppings!

2. Sydney Harbour Bridge & Pylon Lookout

Pylon lookoutThe Bridge is a fascinating structure with a wealth of history behind it. It’s impossible to visit Sydney and not head to the Bridge. Fantastic photo opportunity and there’s also the chance to take the bridge climb if you’re comfortable with heights. I captured the 360 view above from the top of the tower.

3. Bondi to Coogee Beach Coastal Walk

Bondi BeachOn any day this is an interesting and beautiful walk. It’s not too difficult and can be taken an your own pace for a good start to the day.

There’s a few steps to climb in places but plenty of stop off points for good photos and coffee when needed.

4. Watsons Bay and Doyles

For a clean beach and lively environment Watsons Bay is a brilliant way to enjoy the view across the water to Sydney Bridge, whilst enjoying the calm of the sea or dining at a great restaurant like Doyles. It’s a nice way to spend a few hours in Sydney.

For excellent seafood Doyles offer a mid-range priced seafood dining experience whilst overlooking the stunning views across Watsons Bay. The menu is varied, there’s plenty of attention to detail. The service and the quality of food is high. I really enjoyed the fresh seafood, everything was well prepared and I would recommend the restaurant to anybody seeking an authentic seafood experience in Sydney.

5. Milk Bay

The popular beaches like Bondi have quite rough seas however Milk Beach offers very calm water, affordable fish and chips and a fantastic view across the bay to the harbour. View from Milk Beach

Have you visited Sydney? Any tips or recommendations for visitors?

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