Relaxing after Ashiyana Yoga, Goa

“Ancient Wisdom for Joyful Living” at Ashiyana Yoga and Spa Village

Located just a short walk away from the scenic Mandrem Beach in Goa, Ashiyana Yoga and Spa Village offers a comprehensive range of options for any yoga enthusiast whether like me, you’re a novice or a pro seeking a new lease of inspiration.

Ashiyana is a Hindi word meaning ‘home or place of rest’, thus alluding to this relaxed, tension-free state. With a focus on providing a deeply nurturing space for calm and relaxation, Ashiyana Yoga and Spa Village is the ideal resort to awaken your inner peace. For me, it was a welcome retreat for a few hours from the pace of celebrating Holi in Jaipur and my final day in India.

The grounds at Ashiyana Yoga, Goa

Knowing that I would be visiting Goa, I was keen to experience a Yoga class in the city. Fortunately my friend and I were able to join a Yoga class that’s available to guests and non-residents paying on the day.

With a location abundant in tropical flora and fauna, Ashiyana Yoga and Spa Village has been designed as a deeply nurturing space where you can relax your body, calm your mind, and awaken your inner peace. It’s also home to Goa’s only ‘natural swimming pool’ and steam bath (which unfortunately, I didn’t get the opportunity to try).

Stairs to the beach at Ashiyana Yoga, Goa

We were able to join a Yoga session that had an early start of 8am. We struggled with the early start following a late night but arrived just in time to register at the reception desk, collect our Yoga mats and find a space in the room without disturbing the already distinct calm that was settling over the space.

The level of the drop-in Yoga seemed to be intermediate. There was a definite mix of experience versus beginners in attendance, but it wasn’t isolating at all. The instructor spent time moving around the class in between poses to provide additional direction. I appreciated the efforts of the instructor and her dedication to ensuring that all attendees were gaining their best from a class of mixed ability. I felt comfortable to ask questions and to follow her support with gaining the most from the session. It’s a wonderful experience to practice yoga in a sheltered but effectively outdoor area, surrounded by palm trees with the sound of tropical birds in the background.

After completing the Yoga class we joined the rest of the group for breakfast – it’s included in the drop-in Yoga rate or includes dinner if you opt to visit in the evening.

Breakfast at Ashiyana Yoga, Goa

The breakfast was delicious. Absolutely wonderful. Cashew butter, freshly baked granary bread and homemade granola with a selection of fruits and fresh juice. It was a hearty yet healthy way to round off a thorough morning of exercise and genuinely felt rewarding.

The whole resort had an beautiful ambience. The grounds are very safe, well maintained and the staff are friendly yet professional.

Beach at Ashiyana Yoga, Goa

After finishing the session, we wandered around the grounds to explore the accommodation which consists of beach huts near the sea and more upscale rooms. These are two-tiered eco-lodges with en-suite bathrooms to the rear and spacious balconies offering magnificent views of the palm grove. These have a distinctly “Indonesian” feel and whilst I’m assuming that this comes with a different price point, the rooms do seem to offer all that guests would need.

Eco lodges at Ashiyana Yoga, Goa

Evening activities at Ashiyana Yoga, Goa

After attending the Yoga session with Ashiyana Yoga and Spa Village I felt truly relaxed. It’s easy to understand from Yoga that joyful living flows from the experience of being at ease and free of mental and physical tension. My inner being was eased and any emotional imbalances that I had previously felt… calmed.

Ashiyana Yoga, Goa

Visitors to Ashiyana Yoga and Spa Village can stay at the resort on a Retreat, Yoga Holiday or participating in Yoga Teacher Training in addition to the daily Yoga Workshops similar to the one that I had joined.

Flowers at Ashiyana Yoga, Goa

Many thanks to Ashiyana Yoga and Spa Village for the opportunity to join the morning Yoga workshop in Goa, India.

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