Helsinki Cathedral

Highlights of Helsinki, Finland

As part of a short break from the UK, I was able to visit Finland for a couple of nights. It’s a fantastic city with plenty to offer.

I only spent a brief amount of time in the city but if you’re planning a trip to Helsinki then I’ve listed my highlights below.

Head to Uspenski Cathedral (Uspenskin Katedraali) which rises above Market Square. It’s not quite as visually stunning as other cathedrals that I’ve visited however it does offer fantastic views across Market Square and the harbour. It’s free to enter so just take your time and enjoy the walk up the hill.


Market Square is a wonderful location that sums up (in my opinion), the very best aspects of Helsinki. Scenic views across the harbour, the unmissable view of Uspenski Cathedral on the prominent hill and good quality food including the very freshest of seafood at reasonable prices (by Helsinski standards).

imageVisit Helsinki Cathedral in Senate Square for perhaps the main tourist attraction of Finland. It’s a must if you’re on a passing visit and with it being the oldest part of central Helsinki, it offers a great range of architecture. If you’re planning to take a tour bus around the city then this is also one of the main pick-up points.imageTo access the city, take the 620 or 615 bus directly from the airport for just 5 euros (2014 pricing). I travelled from the airport alone at close to midnight on a weekday. I didn’t feel uncomfortable at all but just check your route before taking the trip.

Public transport in Helsinki

After spending a day in Helsinki, I shared a ferry journey with a friend to neighbouring Russia.

It’s easy to take a day trip beyond the borders of Finland and I’d wholly encourage you to embrace the opportunity whilst so near.

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