Monarch Destinations Map

Destination travel tips and inspiration from Monarch

Planning ahead for your holidays? Thinking of a destination in the Mediterranean, Canary Islands or a winter ski resorts? Well, Monarch airlines have created a travellers tips map that shares travel tips and secrets from Monarch airlines cabin crew.

Monarch Destination Tips is an interactive map that’s packed with insider secrets on where to go, what to do and where to stay in a whole range of locations. From Enfidha to Friedrichshafen, Tenerife to Sharm el Sheikh, they’ve checked with the experts across 37 destinations to collate specialist information about these hotspots.

Information includes tips about hidden beaches, unmissable museums, sightseeing day trips and the best foodie locations to whet your appetite. A few of the destinations were new to me whilst some, I hadn’t even heard of: Enfidha anybody?

One of my favourites was by Alice who suggests that Kocadon restaurant in Bodrum has the best beyaz peynir, served up in an authentic courtyard.

Personally, I’ve been longing to visit Croatia for a while so it was great to read Alesha’s tip to try the Dubrovnik cable car for a birds eye sightseeing tour for just 10euros.

It’s also a great way for reflecting on previous travel experiences; I recalled the sunset at Café Mambo in Ibiza as truly spectacular. Liz recommends enjoying it with a glass of sangria before hitting the club scene.

The map is not only an enlightening way to learn about new places to visit, it also gives travellers a fun way to check out a destination before taking the trip or a reason to return!

As a leading leisure airline, Monarch cover destinations around the Mediterranean, Canary Islands and winter ski resorts, so it’s fair to assume that you’re in good hands for taking their travel advice. Be sure to check out the map for a great way to inspire your own travel ideas.

Where’s next on your travel itinerary?

Many thanks to Monarch airlines for sponsoring this post. As always, all comments and opinions are my own.

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