‘Tropical Sailing’ in Florida

As part of my visit to Florida, I really wanted a chance to get out onto the water and experience some fun in the sun. After researching a few options, I contacted Tropical Sailing as they offered a ‘Sail and Splash’ package in Fort Lauderdale that sounded ideal; an afternoon at sea in the Florida heat on board a spacious 50-foot long catamaran before coming to a stop to enjoy the “Aquatic Playground”.


The unforgettable excursion aboard the Spirit of Lauderdale catamaran is described as one of Fort Lauderdale’s best boat cruises. Passengers get to sit back and relax while touring the “Venice of America” and “Millionaires Row” before setting sail to the Atlantic Ocean.

I arranged for my cousin and I to join the trip –  a first for my cousin and a memory that I would be able to firmly attach to Florida.

We joined the group of around 20 passengers in the heat of the day at Bahia Mar Yachting Centre by Las Olas; passengers are asked to arrive at the harbour 30 minutes before departure to sign up and be ready to go. Once registered, there’s a cafe near the harbour, ideal for grabbing any last minute drinks before heading onto the boat.image

After the introductions are made – our hosts were Joe and Ames – all passengers were asked to pay attention to the health and safety briefing before we made our departure from the harbour. imageTiming is crucial for the departure in order to ensure that the catamaran catches the rise of the drawbridge for clear passage below Seabreeze Boulevard – the rise of the drawbridge was fun to see and certainly kept any children on board fascinated.


As the boat was heading out onto the sea, Joe and Ames provided an insightful guide of Florida before the sail went up whilst the sea breezes and salt air kick in. Calypso music and the flow of breaking waves provided a tropical rhythm for relaxation and whilst enjoying complimentary soft drinks and snacks served by the friendly crew.

As we slowed to a stop on the Atlantic Ocean, the anchor was lowered and it was time for the real fun to kick in. Joe immediately started gathering water noodles, inflating the trampoline and gathering snorkels, as well as setting up the slide from the boat to the sea.image

The day at sea was such good fun; we snorkelled, caught the sun and enjoyed complimentary refreshments – all of the best ingredients for a relaxing day in Fort Lauderdale.image

The passengers on board on cruise included families, couples and children. It’s a great way to enjoy some of the sights of Fort Lauderdale in professional hands and amongst relaxed, fun loving sightseers that all want to make the most of the day.

Overall we had a very fun and memorable day at sea; the crew were engaging and informative, sharing some interesting facts about the homes and their owners. Safety was also treated with high regard throughout the cruise. They did a great job of welcoming us on the day and keeping us all safe whilst at sea.

Many thanks to Tropical Sailing for allowing me to join the ‘Sail and Splash’ cruise.

2 thoughts on “‘Tropical Sailing’ in Florida”

  1. This looks like fun–I would love to do something like this! We lived close to Ft. Lauderdale for the past 4 years (just moved back north this past spring), and we didn’t spend near enough time in the ocean! I think we need to make a trip back to visit some friends and get in the water again!


    1. If you get the chance then I’d highly recommend it. Such fun out there on the water, especially if you have the chance to be back in Ft. Lauderdale. They also run an operation out of Miami.


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