GATE8 Cabin Max luggage for the no-fuss traveller

During 2013 and early 2014, I was fortunate to be involved in the planning and eventual testing of a prototype of the latest addition to the GATE8 luggage range, the Cabin Max lightweight carry-on hand luggage.

GATE8 self-identifies as a company founded by a British IT consultant that got tired of wasting time in airport queues and spending money on excess baggage fees on business trips. He set about designing a solution that met the hand baggage requirements of all airlines, accommodated crease-free garment storage and stored laptops safely and conveniently. So was born the GATE8’er.

“A GATE8’er – a person who has the perfect luggage to take control of their journey” – GATE8

Backed by one of the UK’s most successful business women Lara Morgan, the GATE8 team are now set to roll out the range of patent protected cabin baggage designed by women for women to the UK, Europe and the rest of the world.

My own Cabin Max luggage arrived in December 2013 and was just in time to join me for a series of city breaks to Lisbon, LilleBrusselsAmsterdam and Marrakech.

For any city break time is of the essence, so I was pleased to immediately notice that the bag was lightweight, stylish and practical for carrying an assortment of clothes, my laptop, accessories and was focused around keeping me, the owner, organised.

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The bag is pretty handy in-flight as well; Cabin Max complies with ALL airlines requirements for carry-on luggage and its dimensions are specifically designed for cabin aisle wheeling – no more knocking of passengers’ elbows! For night flights, the bright yellow tag on each zip helps to navigate around the bag within limited lighting.

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed using my Cabin Max bag so far and it remains my first go-to item when I need to pack for a trip. It’s helped to keep me sane when trying to rush through security checks at the airport, my toiletries are easily detached from the case to run through security scanners and my laptop and documents stay well organised on the road. I love having the hanging rail within the case (which doesn’t detract from the size of the bag) but simply means that items will be crease-free with every trip.

For business trips, weekend getaways and just about everything else, the GATE8 bag had been my primary travel companion for the past few months. As airlines continue to restrict space and baggage allowance, GATE8 has found a way to cleverly travel in confidence with a sole carry-on bag that does it all. It’s never let me down.

The GATE8 Cabin Max bag is now available for pre-order via the GATE8 website.

Many thanks to GATE8 and Lara Morgan for including me in the focus groups and final testing of the Cabin Max luggage.


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