Swedish cuisine at Fika in London

Brick Lane is renown for its barrage of Indian and Bangladeshi restaurants and of course the well known Jewish Beigel shop, Beigel Bake. Just next door is the lesser known neighbour, Fika, a Swedish restaurant that brings an added taste of diversity to East London.

The restaurant takes its name from a Swedish term that literally means “coffee break”, but that has evolved into a cultural phenomenon combining food, drink and company. 

In this quaint, slightly quirky Swedish cafe, visitors are greeted with fun decor and friendly staff.

The bar at Fika, London

My Swedish friend and I were fortunate to visit Fika on a relatively quiet but sunny day in London. We arrived and were shown to the upper terrace but only after navigating the curvy, narrow and steep staircase – mind your head. 😉

Fika is a small restaurant on two levels – a few tables downstairs, a few upstairs, a small bar area and hip, funky decor. The roof top terrace is adorned in faux grass and little chairs and tables – a cute and comfortable setting for a relaxing afternoon.

Fika, London

Fika, London

Whilst the location and atmosphere of Fika was positive, the only downside was the service. My friend and I were offered a seat and the menu and then waited around 15 minutes, uncertain whether the waiting staff would return – or that perhaps they had forgotten us as we were seated upstairs…

My friend popped downstairs to find a member of staff, they appeared a few minutes later to then take our order. I got the impression that it was all a very laidback atmosphere but I do think that staff needed to seem a little more conscientious.

We ordered relatively light bites from the lunch menu. There’s a pretty good selection of food and drinks available, ideal for breakfast/ lunch but perhaps not appropriate for dinner.

Fika, London

Fika, London

Open for lunch and dinner seven days a week, the restaurant serves traditional and contemporary Swedish favourites, as well as a range of delicious and inventive cocktails.The roof terrace makes a fantastic place to enjoy a peaceful ambience in London throughout the year.

Have you visited Fika in London? Thoughts?


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