Top 5 reasons to visit Kos, Greece

Travellers heading to Greece may feel overwhelmed by the fact that there are more than 200 inhabited Greek Islands. Choosing which one to visit can be a dilemma at the best of times but despite only visiting one Greek island to date, Kos was a place that drew me in on not one, but two occasions.

The relatively small yet easily accessible island of Kos is inhabited by around 30,000 people and offers clear seas, a range of resorts and fantastic mediterranean cuisine.

Below are my top five reasons to visit Kos.

Direct flights from the UK
Holidays to Kos are available at very affordable fares with a range of discounted and mainstream airlines. Kos also has a convenient ferry port that allows onwards travel to other Greek islands or neighbouring countries like Bodrum in Turkey (perfect for a day trip).

Sightseeing on two wheels
Kos is a flat island which makes it ideal for cycling and especially for a longer day of cycling at your own leisure. Bikes can be rented for as little as  5€ per day as well as mopeds and quad bikes that are very popular with tourists. Taking some time out around the island is a great way to keep active and see the beautiful islands in the vicinity.

Boat excursions
Kos is a ideal for travelling on to its’ neighbours without breaking the bank. For around 35€, I visited Bodrum for a day trip, a journey that took less that 30minutes. Other nearby islands include Nisyros, Pserimos and Kalymnos, all offering idyllic getaways. A wider range of trips are available during high season.

During the high season the bars in Kos Town get quite busy. It’s worth noting that some of the bars are very mainstream. They often play the latest chart music and employ scantily clad girls to lure in passersby – for me, it all felt very Ibiza-like and not to my taste.

Kos Town is close to a long pebbly beach with dozens of beach bars that offer a great environment for families, couples and group of friends throughout the day and into the evening. Drinks tend to be very affordable and visitors are spoilt with an array of promotions.

Good food 
Kos delivers fantastic food to suit all budgets, from traditional taverns serving the most famous dishes of Greek cuisine (mousaka, pastitsio, tzatziki) to fish restaurants, with an exceptional variety of fresh fish and seafood or unique Greek appetisers with the local ouzo. I enjoyed sampling a range of foods that always tasted fresh, satisfying and kind to the bank balance.

Whilst Kos and the main town won’t appeal to everyone, it is a major destination for Europeans from May to September. On both occasions I’ve visited with friends in May. There have always been a huge selection of offers for restaurants, bars and excursions left, right and centre that are offered in every direction as you walk around Kos Town’s harbour area.

For a quieter, low-key holiday, nearby resorts in Kardamena offer less demand with just as much of a taste for Greece.

Have you visited Kos or any other Greek islands? What other tips would you add?

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