Five reasons to visit Jamaica

Bump twists
Creative hairstyles “Bump Twists”

I’ve previously written about Portland in Jamaica, home to my family and a location where many family members still live, however earlier this year I was fortunate to pay them a visit and spend some more time travelling around the country.

Visitors are welcomed to the Caribbean island to enjoy budget, mid-range or luxury accommodation, shopping, nightlife and more. With it’s laidback culture and tourist attractions like Dunns River Falls, Mystic Mountain, YS Falls, it’s a vibrant and warm place to visit. Below are my top five reasons to visit Jamaica.

1. Creativity

Jamaicans are passionate about style and fashion, mostly demonstrated by clothing, accessories and haircare – our crowning glory. I love being able to have some amazing hairstyles in my hair whenever I travel, but this was a particular favourite in Jamaica called the “Bump Twist”. Takes just a couple of hours to do (with a skilled pair of hands) but takes some delicacy to remove.

Ice cream, Jamaica
Devon House I-Scream

2. Food

Jamaican cuisine is a representative blend of the Spanish, British, Africans, Indian and Chinese and indigenous people on the island that depend upon the land and crops as a a main source of food.

From Jerked food to curried goat, patties, rice and peas or of course the plentiful fresh fruit and vegetables grown on the island, Jamaican cuisine is rich and varied, finished only with the Jamaican household brand, Devon House I-Scream (intended spelling).

3. Beautiful beaches and fantastic year-round weather

One of the main attractions to the Caribbean is the fantastic tropical weather that is present throughout the year. In the coolest months, the temperate drops to around 20C whilst the warmest months attract highs at an average of 30C, perfect for hitting the beach at any time of the year.

Reggae Beach, Jamaica

4. Music & dance

Regardless of where you may be on the island, music is played just about EVERYWHERE. It’s a large part of Jamaican culture and also acts as a representation of musical influence from neighbouring countries. Not only this but dance is a huge part of the culture and has been since colonial times.

Bob Marley and other musical influences from Jamaica
Musical artwork at Almond Lodge in Portland, Jamaica

5. Cultural pride

One of the main reasons for my love of Jamaica is simply… the pride that comes with the culture. Regardless of where I travel, fellow Jamaicans are proud of the fun-loving island. It’s a small part of the global map but has a large influence across sports, music, cuisine and more.

Meet any Jamaican and they are likely to be happy to speak about their culture, the latest dance craze, a new recipe or speak with pride about the athletes that the country has produced. Experiencing the London 2012 Olympics and witnessing the support that was celebrated in the diverse city was a fantastic representation of the infectious culture that proud Jamaicans that are happy to share.

Have you visited Jamaica? Did you enjoy your time on the island?

2 thoughts on “Five reasons to visit Jamaica”

  1. Thanks for giving me new insight into Jamaica. It’s such a short flight from Canada and there are always winter sales for holiday resorts, but no one ever looks at life beyond the touristy hotels.


    1. Thanks for the comment Vanessa. Jamaica has so much to offer beyond the resorts. For visitors that may be a little wary, there are plenty of guides and tours available to see the real Jamaica. Hopefully you’ll get to visit soon – I’m definitely heading there again in 2014!


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