‘Last Vegas’ screening, London

This evening I was invited to a screening of ‘Last Vegas’, a film starring Michael Douglas, Robert De Niro, Morgan Freeman and Kevin Kline in a riotous sixty-something comedy bachelor party in Las Vegas.


Billy (Michael Douglas) has always been happily single. But now he’s in his sixties, he finally feels it’s time to settle down and get married. After all, his intended bride is getting on a bit too. She’s nearly 32. So Billy calls childhood friends Paddy (Robert De Niro), Archie (Morgan Freeman) and Sam (Kevin Kline) with a plan. They’re going back to Las Vegas together to party like it’s 1959! Trouble is, Archie is not in the best of health these days. What’s more, when the ageing quartet arrive in Las Vegas, they find their old haunts have changed out of all recognition since they were young. Unresolved issues between them soon bubble to the surface too. ‘National Treasure’ director Jon Turteltaub’s brilliantly cast comedy brings together four Oscar-winning screen legends for a feast of senior misbehaviour! ~ Cineworld, 2013.

Whilst the film was fun to watch and ultimately, worth viewing upon its UK release on 3rd January 2014, Las Vegas has always seemed to be a millionaire’s playground – a luxurious destination of designer shopping, fine-dining and exquisite accommodation to rivalling some of the best in the world. The film did a fantastic job of conveying this on screen with a great synergy amongst the cast.

Of course, it’s not all bright lights and deep pockets; Las Vegas offers a whole world of outstanding natural beauty including The Grand Canyon, Hoover Dam and Red Rock Desert. Whilst this wasn’t a focus to be captured by the film, it did highlight Las Vegas as a destination where travellers can embrace the champagne lifestyle and more.

Ultimately the film was funny, sentimental and thought-provoking and does carry a message: Live your life to the fullest. We may get old but the potential for life doesn’t stop.

Have you visited Las Vegas or watched ‘Last Vegas’ yet? Thoughts?

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