Budget accommodation at Hotel Lucia, Marseille

In Autumn 2013, I visited Marseille with my family to explore the French coastal city whilst also taking advantage of an opportunity to explore the Carnival Sunshine cruise ship.

Travelling in a group of four and seeking an affordable way to stay relatively central to the city, we opted for accommodation at Hotel Lucia, a budget 2-star hotel that feels more like a 3-star.

Located on a main road that’s also home to a clothes and accessories market, it’s very easy to locate (directly opposite Vapiano) and is a short walk from the nearest metro station.

We arrived early for our stay at the hotel but thankfully, the room was available within an hour; in the interim we were able to leave bags at the reception desk and explore the local market and nearby Basilique du Sacré Coeur.

We’d booked a family room that had a very spacious, clean bathroom.




The bedroom was well presented and included a double bed with two singles and in-room fridge and freezer. There was also a table and chair with space for four people as well as a TV. Provided that this was a 2-star accommodation, we hadn’t expected the facilities that were part of the room.





The only downside to the room was a lack of air conditioning but a ceiling fan is provided.

During the two night stay, the only staff member that we met was Philippe, the owner of the accommodation. However, he did absolutely everything that we visibly encountered during the stay. Whether it was welcoming guests, offering directions, serving breakfast, cleaning rooms or being on night duty (unfortunately we had to wake him one evening), he is always available and runs a smooth and efficient hotel – impressive to say the least.

We spent a lot of time walking whilst we were in Marseille and really became acquainted with the local shops and feel of the area. It felt safe and was relatively busy a lot of the time. Would I stay again? In a heartbeat.

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