Frankfurt Christmas market in Birmingham

A German-inspired Christmas in Birmingham

A visit to Birmingham during the Christmas season wouldn’t be complete without a trip to the Frankfurt Christmas Market. It’s an annual event that (in my opinion) marks the start of the season.

Every year the Frankfurt market gathers at the heart of Birmingham tempting visitors with promises of German beer, warm pretzels, ostrich burgers and more. Visitors gather to shop for souvenirs and memorabilia-type gifts or to catch up with friends over a hot glass of mulled wine. Whether with friends, colleagues or family, it’s an adaptable environment for bringing people together to experience German culture here in England and is always hotly anticipated by locals.

I’ve always tried to attend the event wherever possible; it remains open during the evenings making it even more accessible.

The Frankfurt Christmas market in Birmingham ends on 29th December 2016 – hopefully, I’ll see you there!

Do you attend Christmas markets or other event in your home country to experience elements of a different culture?

6 thoughts on “A German-inspired Christmas in Birmingham”

  1. Great post! I just did a bunch of research on Christmas markets around Europe for a travel company so I’d definitely like to check more out. I went to the market at Southbank last week and had my first gluhwein – it was fun!


    1. Thanks for the comment Alyssa, great to hear that you’ve also been able to check out Southbank. I haven’t tried the market there myself, I’ll have to pop by for a visit 🙂


  2. Ah, the German market is really good, especially in the evening with all the bright lights – really feels like Christmas! The Ferris wheel and ice rink are a must!


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