Marseille, the European Capital of Culture

Say It With Pictures: The City of Marseille, France

Have you ever visited somewhere that went completely above and beyond your expectations? Well, most recently, Marseille had exactly that impact upon me.

I had originally planned the trip to the market town as a family getaway to see the city but most importantly, to meet a relative that would be sailing on the Carnival Sunshine cruise.

Located on the south-east coast of France, a flight from London takes just 2 hours to arrive at the main airport (MRS). Upon arrival in the 2013 European Capital of CultureI was immediately taken aback. I’d previously visited Paris and Lyon, so I expected something similar to these cities. Yet, in my opinion, France’s second and oldest city offered a far more delightful and memorable affair.

The city is traditional yet modern with stunning architecture and intriguing historical and social culture. With 14 ports and over 50km of coastline, the scene both on and off land is completely unexpected.

Whilst offering the usual aspects of a city – shopping, nightlife and a fine choice of accommodation – Marseille also offers a beautiful creek that’s relaxing yet picturesque. The beaches are clean and clear with refreshing water, particularly enjoyable for any of the 300+ days of sunshine that’s graces the city of Marseille every year.

Where have you been that’s surprised you on your travels?

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