Jumbo Stay Hostel, Sweden

A unique experience with the world’s first Jumbo Stay Hostel, Sweden

I was thrilled to recently enjoy a stay at the world’s first hostel built onboard a real Boeing 747 Jumbo Jet. Following a complete overhaul and major renovation work with a grand opening in January 2009, the hostel now represents an innovative way to enjoy a unique stay in Stockholm. The airplane, a decommissioned jumbo jet built in 1976, was last operated by Transjet, a Swedish airline that went bankrupt in 2002.

Masterminded by Oscar Diös, CEO of the Jumbo Stay Hostel, the interest so far has been huge with tour operators and tourist organisations worldwide. Located at Stockholm Arlanda, guests are welcomed aboard the Jumbo Stay Hostel to experience a unique stay inside the retired plane.Jumbo Stay, Sweden

Visible from the airfield and runway, it is now a significant landmark at the airport attracting guests from around the world for both business and leisure stays. The fascination and appreciation for a new concept appeals to travellers near and far.

Accessible via the airport shuttle bus number 14, guests can use the free of charge transfer between the airport and hostel from 3am to midnight.Jumbo Stay Hostel, Sweden

As a reflection of continual improvement Jumbo Stay Hostel has recently expanded its capacity at Arlanda with more rooms to include en-suite facilities for a private WC/shower. Single and double rooms are available to the back of the plane. The rear of the plane has shower, toilet and sink cubicles that are well maintained and were always clean and tidy.

The rooms are designed to be suitable for the business traveller, a small family or simply the ones that are curious of the aviation designed and inspired architecture – like me!Jumbo Stay Hostel, SwedenMy friend and I stayed in room 745, a small room with space to sleep three. In-room provisions include a TV and clean towels changed daily. The original windows are still fitted to the plane which pleasantly help to reduce any noise that would otherwise be audible from the airfield.

Facilities on board the Jumbo Stay Hostel include an ironing board and iron with many tourism points to collect leaflets or find out more about tourist attractions in and around Stockholm. Complimentary wi-fi is provided for all guests which is speedy and easy to access – better than many established hotels that I’ve stayed in previously.

If you can time your visit for the right season, the wing is available for guests to enjoy meals outside…. literally on the wing of the plane. It’s all very surreal but incredibly well designed with excellent use of the space.

Jumbo Stay Hostel, SwedenOf course, sitting outdoors isn’t for everybody (and certainly not when it’s 10 degree celsius in Stockholm) so there is a provision to sit indoors. Imagine the area usually reserved for first and business class – well, this is the breakfast area/ museum. Yes, the Jumbo Stay Hostel has a commemorative museum featuring all things renovation related, so you can really surround yourself with appreciating the effort that has contributed to developing this example of the world’s first airline hostel.

Breakfast is available from 3am each morning to accommodate travellers with early departures from the airport. It’s a self-service buffet with fairly traditional components. It’s a cold breakfast but is substantial and enough to prepare you for the day ahead.

Jumbo Stay Hostel, SwedenThe Jumbo Stay Hostel provides a fantastic way to enjoy a new experience and a completely alternative way of staying onboard a plane. The former Transjet plane provides aviation history in Stockholm and a fun new way to bring people together from all over the world for an innovative and memorable experience. Sleeping onboard a plane has never been so comfortable.

Many thanks to Jumbo Stay for enabling my stay at the world’s first Jumbo Stay Hostel.

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