A luxury cream tea at Beaufort Hotel, London

On a rainy Saturday afternoon in London, I was invited to try the cream tea at the Beaufort Hotel.

The privately owed boutique hotel offers a home away from home for all guests of the residence in Knightsbridge. The hotel is well located in a tree lined cul-de-sac just a  stones throw from premium retailers including Harrods.

Upon entering the hotel we were warmly greeted by the staff before being shown to the lounge where we would enjoy the cream tea. There was also the option to dine in the sitting room located close to the reception area.

Entrance of Beaufort Hotel, London

After a very short wait we were presented with our cream tea; a carefully prepared assortment of fresh scones (all homemade), jam, clotted cream and two teapots of brewed tea. I immediately tucked in for the first bite of a scone which was still warm and tasted absolutely divine, particularly after a busy day around London!

Cream tea at Beaufort Hotel, London

There are variations as to how a cream tea should be eaten but the Devon method is to split a warm scone in two and cover each half with clotted cream before adding strawberry jam. I opted for exactly this to get a balance of the flavours that combined perfectly.

Jam scone with cream tea

Tea in fine china

The high specification of the hotel is recognised in every single detail. From the fine bone china that we used to the quality of the freshly baked scones and the overall feel of the hotel, it’s needless to say that we were all elated.

I also felt that the lounge offered a cosy experience for enjoying the cream tea; it’s the perfect environment for settling into the warm sofa and becoming immersed in the atmosphere of the hotel. The layout and homely feel really help to enhance the feeling of comfort; it certainly doesn’t feel as though you’re in the heart of bustling London.

Snacks in lounge at Beaufort Hotel

A selection of snacks are offered in the lounge at the Beaufort Hotel (as pictured above) which are available for guests to enjoy.

Exterior of Beaufort Hotel, London


I found the Beaufort Hotel to be an excellent hotel to represent the quality that London can offer but also to be a fine example of a boutique hotel. It has unrivalled features like the complimentary cream tea and quality of decor and furnishings in and around the hotel. The staff at the hotel remains professional yet friendly and courteous, traits that would be appreciated by any visitor to the hotel.

Many thanks to the Beaufort Hotel for the complimentary cream tea. As always, opinions are my own.

6 thoughts on “A luxury cream tea at Beaufort Hotel, London”

    1. Hi, thanks for commenting. A cream tea is a combination of clotted cream, scones, sometimes with jam and English tea – exactly as I was able to enjoy at the Beaufort Hotel. 🙂


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