Five reasons to visit Brooklyn, New York

I was fortunate to have my first visit to the Big Apple earlier this year with the joint fortune of it being my first solo trip! My accommodation was in Clinton Hill, so I enjoyed exploring the city and seeing so much in my limited time there. With just two days to explore, I maximised my exploration of Brooklyn with a promise to see the rest on a return visit.

Brooklyn in particular is somewhere that I was excited to see; it’s best described as easygoing, diverse and artistic without being over the top. My top five reasons for loving Brooklyn are as follows:


Brooklyn is easily accessible with great connections to Manhattan and the rest of New York City. The strong infrastructure is supported by bus or subway that makes travelling to and from JFK airport to Brooklyn pretty straightforward – even for a first time visitor like myself.

Atlantic Avenue bus stop
Bus from Atlantic Avenue, Brooklyn , New York
New York subway station
Subway station at Clinton-Washington Avenue


Not forgetting the Brooklyn Bridge, there’s plenty of eye-catching architecture to be admired by simply wandering the streets at the heart of Brooklyn itself. The architectural aesthetics are reflective of various periods in history and it literally fills the streets.


Williamsburgh Savings Bank, Brooklyn
Williamsburgh Savings Bank towers over Brooklyn streets
iGrand Army Plaza
Grand Army Plaza, Brooklyn, New York

Creative hub

Similar to the street art tour in Berlin, New York and specifically Brooklyn offers street art walking tours which last for 1-2 hours and bring a whole new depth to the streets of New York. Whether it’s a tag, throw-ups, murals or bombing, the streets of Brooklyn have it on offer.

Below are a few photos of street art that I captured whilst exploring Brooklyn.

Street art, Brooklyn

Street art, Brooklyn

Street art, Brooklyn

Sports entertainment

The Barclays Center showcases the world’s most thrilling entertainment and sports events right in the heart of Brooklyn and serves as the state-of-the-art home of the NBA’s Brooklyn Nets. Designed by award-winning architects, it certainly stands out against the backdrop of Brooklyn.

Having a world-famous entertainment complex on your doorstep is sure to gain a mixed reaction but for the economy of Brooklyn, it must be a good thing. I was keen to see a basketball game whilst I was there but unfortunately there just wasn’t the opportunity.

Barclays Center, Brooklyn
Barclays Center, Brooklyn, New York

Food glorious food

As with just about any other place I’ve visited, I always seek out the food on offer. Brooklyn was no different. With fabulous restaurants like Anima, Thai 101 and Caribbean Soule, I was in an absolute heaven of good food and on this side of the Brooklyn Bridge, paying ridiculous prices just wasn’t an issue.

But of course, it wasn’t all fine food and cocktails… I couldn’t have a true experience without some good old fried chicken wings and chips – but even then I was spoilt for choice. Chilli, BBQ, garlic, mustard, sweet and sour… the list goes on. But it really did taste good and was a fantastic way to enjoy a ‘cheat day’ from the usually well-behaved diet. Fact is, Brooklyn is a foodie heaven.


When in New York, it was far too tempting to spend a great deal of time in the Manhattan district. Whilst I loved my time taking in the sights and experiences that I’d only previously enjoyed from a T.V. screen, Brooklyn has so much flavour that ignoring it would have been my loss.

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