Thai food in Brazil at Thai Paraty

Whilst on a visit to the town of Paraty in Brazil, we came across a place called Thai Paraty, a moderately sized restaurant located on Alameda Princesa Isabel. 

We visited on a Tuesday evening when it was moderately busy although seemingly more so due to the lack of staff during the evening. Food at Thai Paraty

There was just one member of staff on duty (luckily he was the chef) and he constantly apologised for the inevitable delay that resulted in him having to wait on tables, prepare food, serve drinks all whilst maintaining his positive demeanor. Honestly, he did a brilliant job of juggling all efforts with a smile in a situation that would force most restaurants to close for the evening.

Below are a few photos from the meal… a tasty, delicious and delightful way to experience a little bit of Thai in Brazil.

Food at Thai ParatyIf you’re in Paraty I highly recommend a trip to this restaurant. With great, friendly service, a relaxed atmosphere and food that’s enough to ‘wow’ the tastebuds, it really is a pleasure to dine there, especially if you get a chance to sit on the outdoor terrace.

Please note, this restaurant is not to be confused with a restaurant by the same name on Rue Da Geralda.

Thai food is one of my favourites; do you have a particular cuisine that you always seek out when travelling?

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