Reaching New Heights At Mystic Mountain, Jamaica

Built entirely from environmentally-friendly materials and covering 100 acres of mountainous land near Dunn’s River Falls, Mystic Mountain is a well located tourist attraction that sits 700 foot above sea level. On a recent trip to Jamaica, I was able to visit the attraction with three relatives as guests of Mystic Mountain.

I was intrigued… I have visited Jamaica on numerous occasions and wanted something new to try. This was perfectly suitable to whet my appetite for adventure on the island.

The view from Mystic Mountain, Jamaica

Visitors to the mountain start the ascent via the Rainforest Sky Explorer, a chairlift that soars through the air, above the scenic rainforest to the top of Mystic Mountain. Once you’ve arrived, there is a restaurant with stunning views of Ocho Rios, crafts shops, and the signature activities of the attraction, the Rainforest Bobsled Jamaica ride and the Rainforest Zipline Canopy ride – both of which I was fortunate to try.

Scenery at Mystic Mountain, Jamaica
Scenery at Mystic Mountain, Jamaica

We were greeted at the top by a hostess to explain the rest of our adventure before being invited to view some history of Jamaica in a gallery of tall billboards.

The ascent up Mystic Mountain, Jamaica

The custom-designed bobsleds – inspired of course by Jamaica’s Olympic bobsled team – race downhill at a self-controlled speed using simple push-pull levers. It’s a great way to start the thrill-seeking experience, albeit that the ride is over far too quickly. There is only one opportunity to race down the mountain; you have to pay for additional runs, even on a relatively quiet day like when I visited.

Bob-sledding at Mystic Mountain, Jamaica
The view from the bobsleigh at Mystic Mountain, Jamaica

I then moved on to the zip-lining that promised to be particularly memorable as this would be my very first try at whizzing through the air in this way; being scared of heights it’s usually something I avoid! We arrived at the equipment bay slightly after our allocated slot, however the guides ensured that we got a thorough experience by taking my cousin and I through each of the 7 lines on our own – a dedicated one-on-one opportunity.

Whizzing along the zip-line at Mystic Mountain, Jamaica.

The guides were fantastic, humourous yet experienced and professional whilst ensuring that we were safe along step of the way. I’m extremely nervous with heights but they made me feel at ease and with encouragement I made it through the course – success!

Smiles of relief and a safe arrival after zip-lining at Mystic Mountain, Jamaica

We made it through the entire Tranopy package (including 45 minutes of swimming) in just over 2.5 hours.This top-tier bracket offers a chance to try all activities that are offered by Mystic Mountain for a cost equivalent to £90.00 (2013 prices), making it possibly the most expensive activity in Jamaica.  When I compared the experience to UK-based theme parks and excursions, I do feel that it wouldn’t be very affordable for the average tourist, particularly if visiting in a group.

Cooling down between the slide and the pool at Mystic Mountain, Jamaica

Overall my relatives and I had a fantastic time partaking in the actual activities of Mystic Mountain and experiencing a new side of Jamaica. The staff ensured that we had fun in a safe environment and its unique offering ensured that it stood out from other attractions on the island.

Despite this, I wouldn’t be truthful if I didn’t share the sole negative; my rental car suffered a break-in at the Mystic Mountain car park, resulting in the loss of several high-value items. Unfortunately it turned out that the security cameras at the park were not working on that particular day… so no footage was able to be retrieved and my family and I spent several hours trying to rectify the issue at both the park and Police station to no avail. An unfortunate way to end an otherwise excellent day out.

Many thanks to the staff at Mystic Mountain for hosting my family and I as guests for the day.

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