Foodie heaven in Brooklyn, New York

For my first visit to New York I had arranged to stay in Brooklyn – and was so pleased that I did. Not only was it a lively, culturally diverse part of the city, but it also had some fantastic restaurants to satisfy the foodie in me at non-Times-Square prices.

During the visit, I found three fantastic restaurants that I needed to share. Each one offered fresh, quality food, great flavour and a range of appetising drinks, along with friendly service and welcoming atmospheres. They all seemed to be consistently busy, always a positive sign in my opinion.

1. Caribbean Soule

Caribbean Soule, Brooklyn, New York

Located on Fulton Avenue, the choice offered by Caribbean Soule consisted of traditional dishes from the Caribbean islands such as roti, curried goat, jerk chicken, dumplings and a selection of pasta and seafood dishes. They also cater for vegetarians.

A glass of water and warmed cornbread with pineapple and coconut salsa is served from the offset, accompanied by polite, friendly and attentive service.

My main course consisted of salmon teriyaki with candied yams and macaroni cheese. The portion sizes of the main course were slightly overwhelming for me. The old habit of it being rude not to clear the plate died hard… I couldn’t manage it all. Yet the quality, flavours and presentation were good. I certainly left feeling fulfilled.

2. Thai 101

Thai 101, Brooklyn, New York

Myrtle Avenue is home to Thai 101, an authentically inspired hub of great tasting Thai food. The venue is a combination of a bar and restaurant, the latter of which is towards the back of the building.

With a happy hour that runs until 10.30pm most evenings and a nice selection of cocktails, this is the place where I tried my first Apple Martini (which was incredible).

The menu offers the traditional Pad Thai, Tom Yum and curry dishes all of which were well made. I opted for the Pad Thai and dumplings.

I had a fantastic time here to round off my time in Brooklyn and loved the vibrant atmosphere – Oh, and Bea makes some fantastic cocktails, she’s a credit to the place.

3. Anima

Anima, Brooklyn, New York

A couple of doors away from Thai 101 on Myrtle Avenue is an Italian bistro called Anima. With a selection of pizzas, pastas and a range of appetisers, they offer plenty of variety for those dining here.

I chose the Popeye pizza which was freshly made and tasted lovely. Wash it down with a glass of Sangria for a tasty kick to the meal. 🙂

Another added bonus is that they too run a happy hour from 2-8pm most days, giving you more time to sample the menu and sample the drinks on offer.

Have you visited Brooklyn or tried any of these restaurants?

7 thoughts on “Foodie heaven in Brooklyn, New York”

  1. My I wonder what part of brooklyn I was staying lol must look for that reastaurant “ANIMA” when I go back to NYC


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