Five Places I’ve Never Been To (And Why I Want To Go)

As part of the ‘Travelling Brown Girls’ Carnival’, I’ve put together my final contribution about five destinations that I would like to visit. Previous posts as part of the carnival have included Five Ways to Immerse Yourself in Local Culture, Five Travel Tips for Travellistas on the go, My Top Five Travel Peeves and Top 5 Travel Necessities That No Travellista Should Live Without.

Barbados, Caribbean

Word of mouth has told me that this particular island of the Caribbean offers beautiful beaches, friendly people and a the wonderful sunshine that I always enjoy whenever visiting family in Jamaica. With that, it’s enough to make me want to visit the island myself and learn more about a place that sounds ready to capture my heart.

Sunshine – a running theme in my selected destinations!

Sydney, Australia

Three reasons:
– I have a friend that moved back home to Sydney over two years ago (and an outstanding invitation to visit!)
– For some reason or another, I always miss the flight sales to Australia
– it’s a continent that I’ve never had any contact – so that reason alone means I need to visit at some point.

Considering each of these factors, I need to save heavily to cross Sydney off my list (but I’ll wait for the next flight sale). 🙂

Salvador de Bahia, Brazil

Earlier this year I took a two week trip to southern Brazil which gave me a great insight to Rio Carnival amongst other elements of the country. Salvador was second on my list to Rio, so now that I’ve done one…. well, it’s time to head to Salvador. I hear so many great things about the people, the food and the culture that I massively enjoyed in Rio – let’s hope that I get to explore it soon.

Kenya or Cameroon, Africa

I’ve always loved the idea of safari and Kenya has been high on my list for many years. That is until I sat through a presentation with Cameroon tourist board. I didn’t know that there was such a staggering number of activities to do in the country including safari! With that, both destinations are now high on my radar.

Kefalonia, Greece

An old friend once told me about the shores of Kefalonia, the clear blue coastal waters and the less touristy edge that it had (at the time) which she knew I would be sure to love. Since then, I’ve researched it many times – flights, accommodation, activities – the lot. The rugged landscape, island hopping and learning about the legends and myth is more than enough to capture my interest for a while – something that I hope to do sooner rather than later.

This is just an insight to the briefest of destinations on my list. I’ve been fortunate to explore so many places already that I could only imagine before. Let’s hope to cross these off soon as well!

Where would you like to visit next? Do you have any travel plans coming up?

12 thoughts on “Five Places I’ve Never Been To (And Why I Want To Go)”

    1. Thanks for reading Marcia, sooner or later the opportunity will arise to go – I hope! Kefalonia would be a nice eye opener to something other then the regularly promoted clubbing holidays. Hope to make it there soon.


  1. Trying to pull myself away from Jamaica more often and see more of the Caribbean (and rest of the world) and Barbados is def near the top of that list too!


  2. Ahhhh….Australia has been on our minds a lot lately : ) Great list! Hope you make it to all your dream destinations!


  3. I’ll have to sell a few body parts to afford a trip to Austrailia, but my great-aunt did it on a state employee retirement budget, so if she can do, so can I. S. Africa & Greece are definitely on my must do. I’ve had them on and off my top 5 list as new destinations of interests arise. My current top 5- Madrid, Spain; Dubai; London; Paris; and Maldives. Whew…so many places in the world to see. This could of easily been a top 20 list.


    1. Thanks for the comment, it really is such a huge world out there… once you start to see one part, it becomes impossible to not want to see even more! Some nice places on your list there, I keep toying with the Maldives… maybe when I finally get married 🙂


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