Serenity in St. Elizabeth, Jamaica

On my latest visit to Jamaica, I’ve had more time than usual to cram in some sightseeing around the country hence being able to take a trip from Portland (in the East) towards the southern coast, with one of my destinations being the parish of St. Elizabeth. Whilst I have family based there, I can’t recall the last time that I actually visited (awful, I know!), so I was keen to become reacquainted with the area, albeit for just a few short hours.

The parish of St. Elizabeth is one of the largest in Jamaica, yet it remains largely unspoilt – which is a true part of its beauty. The less-trodden paths offer great appeal to those seeking a serene way to take in the culture of Jamaica and the diversity of its people.

Remains of a Hammerhead Shark, Great Bay, St. Elizabeth
Great Bay, St. Elizabeth

Popularity of the parish is growing though and establishments such as Jakes Hotel are amongst others are draw tourists to the area. If you’re searching for something a little more rustic, then St. Elizabeth is the place for you.

Entrance to Jakes Hotel, St. Elizabeth

Whilst in the parish, I visited YS Falls in addition to the sandy beach and clearest waters of Great Bay, just in time for the stunning sunset which I captured below… enjoy.


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