Unwind and relax in Paraty, Brazil

In 2013 I spent some time around Paraty (pronounced ‘Par-a-chi’) in Brazil for three days as part of a visit to the country.

Staying in Pousada Brunello meant that we weren’t directly in the main area of the small coastal town (instead opting for the beach location) but instead a short drive away – or an uncomfortable walk in the hot weather. With it being a relatively small place, it’s easy to walk around taking in some of the sights and atmosphere that we wanted to absorb. Below are a few photos from my walk around the picturesque town.

I absolutely loved the cobbled streets of Paraty. As a city girl, I adored being in a small town where it felt so quaint and intimate, yet still enjoyed the language and cultural differences that Brazil has to offer.

In stark contrast to Rio and Sao Paulo, Paraty was a welcomed breather to the hustle and bustle of city life. It’s relaxed attitude, friendly people and excellent weather made it the perfect antidote to the rush of other areas that we had visited.

Have you had the opportunity to visit Paraty or any similar places that just melted your heart?

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