It’s a wrap! Travel tips for Berlin, Germany #byExpedia

Last week was ‘Visit Berlin Week’ on the Ad-lib Traveller blog. As a result of a competition hosted by Expedia I was fortunate to spend a week exploring a city that I grew to love.

During my time there I explored so many places, from the concentration camp at Sachsenhausen to  the restaurant and shopping district around Mitte, to bars and entertainment and alternative nightlife at the Liquidrom. It was an insightful, fun-filled experience and one that filled me with memories to last a lifetime.

SONY DSCUntil the trip, I hadn’t considered just how much could be learnt and taken from Berlin. The culture embraces a vibe that just denounces stress. The liberal attitude welcomes anybody with open arms; so little is frowned upon that you can’t help but adapt and enjoy.

With this in mind, I’ve listed below my top tips for anybody visiting the city of Berlin.

  • Buy a Berlin Welcome Card. It’ll make your stay so much easier as it includes a travel pass and discounts to some of the main attractions that you’re likely to want to see.
  • Whether you’re travelling with family, friends or solo, travel with an open mind. The city has so much happening that it’s the only way to come back with a good experience. 
  • Allow yourself a late night or two – the metro runs through the night on Friday and Saturday evenings, so don’t rush. Take in the scene and explore.
  • Take a look at the Visit Berlin website for information about attractions and places that you’ll want to explore. They list everything from opening times to travelling around the city, accommodation and much more. 
  • Read my blog posts below – Each one has been written from an open and honest perspective. As always, I try to tell it how it is.

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4 thoughts on “It’s a wrap! Travel tips for Berlin, Germany #byExpedia”

  1. Sounds like an amazing week in Berlin! Hope to get there for Christmas and the Christmas markets! (Fell in love with them in Prague). Think it is time to set up a Germany Pinterest board to save all these juicy tips!


    1. Thanks for commenting Anita. Berlin was a fantastic city and a real experience for a city-break. I’m already booked again for August to see it in what will hopefully be nicer weather. If you get to go then be sure to do so!


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