Buck and Breck cocktail bar, Berlin #byExpedia

Recommended by Lollie from Berlinagenten: Gastro-Rallye, we visited Buck and Breck on our first evening in Berlin. She had described it to us as a “small but unique bar with fantastic and friendly staff“. Her information couldn’t have been more accurate.

Known as one of the world’s best bars, this cosy, one-room bar is home to one of the best that I have encountered. Buck and Breck is perfectly located in Mitte, just a short walk from Rosenthaler-Platz. It’s not obvious to find at all and depends upon you precisely locating the doorbell and shop fascia that overlooks Brunnenstrasse 177 – no mean feat as the shop fron that conceals the bar is often changed.

Look for the buzzer! Buck and Breck, Berlin
The shop-front at Buck and Breck, Berlin

With just 14 seats, your required to ring the buzzer (which simply reads ‘Bar’ – we certainly questioned whether we had the right place) and await a member of staff to greet you. After confirming whether or not there is space, coats are taken and you’re led to a seat. All stools are grouped around the bar as that’s the focal point of the room and gives you a great view of the skilled staff making the array of cocktails

Due to size is not unusual to be turned away; they never exceed the capacity and receive a constant flow of customers. If you’re visiting in a group then be sure to ring ahead to check whether it’s suitable.

Remember that smoking indoors is allowed in Germany, so don’t be surprised to see customers smoking around the bar. Drinks are reasonably priced for the quality at around 9 euros per drink, however if you struggle to find something then the staff are happy to amend recipes or provide recommendations.

The Berliners approach to alcohol means that you’re regularly plied with water alongside your cocktail. It’s a welcomed attitude, especially as the drinks taste like ‘true cocktails’ – undiluted and very strong depending upon the choice. In the words of one of the staff members, they want to “help you through the evening, not see you so intoxicated that it no longer remains fun” – a la Britain, so be sure to sip water during your visit to make it a little easier to enjoy the night.

Have you visited Buck and Breck or any other bar with a similar style?

Sincere thanks to Expedia UK and readers of the Ad-lib Traveller for providing this opportunity for me to visit Berlin, Germany.

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