My top 5 foodie delights of Brussels, Belgium

imageTowards the end of 2012, my friend and I were able to take a trip to Brussels for a one night stay, taking in as many sights as possible during our limited time there. From wandering around the Grand Place to restaurants like Manneken, to checking out the museum area and a late night trip to L’Archiduc – quite simply the best bar that I have visited in a long time – we had a great time for our first girly weekend break away together.

In between taking in the sights and developing achy feet from our thirst to explore, we made many stop off’s to sample the food of Belgium. From sweetly-topped waffles to savoury dishes like Moules-Frites, Belgium offers such a range of gastronomy that you simply can’t avoid absorbing it. I thought I would use this post to share to few photos of foods that we tried during our stay in the country.

Here’s my top six foods that you simply must try if you’re taking a trip to Brussels:

1. Belgian waffles

imageWhether you’re looking for a waffle topped with fresh fruit, chocolate or any number of sauces, there is an unbeatable range of freshly baked waffles readily available around the city. My personal favourite has to be a slightly warm waffle topped with sliced bananas, fresh cream and maple syrup – delicious!.

2. Mussels (or Moules-Frites when served with fries)

imageMussels or ‘Moules-Frites’ if accompanied by fries are a tasty favourite that is popular when served in a white wine sauce with onions and parsley. I had tried mussels before my trip to Brussels, but they taste all the better when prepared like this and especially when served with fries.

3. Kriek aka cherry beer

imageKriek which is basically a cherry beer had to feature on my list. I rarely drink beer but this particular one is a must-try. With a light, fruity taste and served in easier to consume portions it’s well worth sampling to wash down all of the many foods that you’ll be consuming.

4. Belgian Fries with Mayonnaise

imageSold in shops called ‘Friteries’, Belgian fries and mayonnaise are a popular snack that are generally served in a cone. Great for walking and eating at the same time, I tried this portion from Frit’n Toast which were reasonably priced and served a good portion size. If you’re not a fan of mayonnaise, you can try any number of sauces to suit your taste.

5. Belgian chocolates

imageFor high quality gourmet chocolates, Belgium offers a fantastic array that is sure to cater for any chocolate-lover. From coconut to orange to cream and the Belgian speciality of praline (to name a few), the country offers such a variety of chocolates. Even for a non-chocolate fan like myself, I had to appreciate the vast and plentiful range that is in endless supply.

Which Belgian foods have you tried? Can you add more to my list?

10 thoughts on “My top 5 foodie delights of Brussels, Belgium”

  1. Great post! There’s nothing better than moules, fries with mayonnaise (forget ketchup, I’m a mayo convert…the shame of it all) and chocolate. Yum!

    Next time you go try stoemp ( which is fantastic in the winter, great comfort food; paling in’t groen (eels, herbs and vegetables); speculoos; steak tartare (the kind where they make it in front of you is the best) and some of the cheeses, which are said to be heavenly.


  2. We are going to eat like crazy when we go to Brussels! We’ll be there for a day (plus a day each in Bruges and Liege) in Novemeber and Brussels will be our last day in Europe as part of a larger trip. We’ve decided to dedicate the day to absolute relaxation and treats and de-stressing, so I think food is the perfect way to do it! The only thing we’re leaving out is the mussels. My husband Ryan is super-allergic, so it wouldn’t do to end the day with a health crisis!


    1. Thanks for the comment Katie! I highly recommend trying Kriek on your next trip (also popular in Germany). I dislike other beers but the cherry flavour eliminates the usual taste.


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