Brunch for two at Cafe Massena, Paris

imageWhilst en route to the Marie Curie Museum in Paris (which turned out to be closed), we were seeking somewhere that would provide satisfying food at a reasonable price. We hadn’t eaten yet as breakfast at our hotel, Oceania Paris, was costly. So a stop off at Cafe Massena was much needed.

We found the restaurant purely by chance, it happened to be our stop on the T3 before switching to the metro,  so it suited us by being right by the station. Also, given that it was a little before lunchtime, it looked busy and the menu was extensive so we decided to try it. We didn’t look back.

Whilst on first appearance the restaurant didn’t add up to much more than the usual Parisian bistro, as soon as we entered my opinion changed. The waiter was friendly, polite and keen to make our experience a good one. Having placed our orders, we waited for the food to arrive. Honestly, it was some of the tastiest food that we enjoyed during this trip. Everything was hot, fresh and appetising. Take a look at the photos below although I’m not sure that they quite do it justice!


Pesto Tagliatelle
Margarita Pizza
Penne all’Arrabbiata

If you’re in Paris and want to try something more than the usual bistro,  Cafe Massena deserves your consideration. The portions are a good size, the ingredients taste fresh plus combined with speedy yet friendly service, it make this one a casual dining winner.

Can you recommend any other bistros in Paris that I could consider for future trips?

2 thoughts on “Brunch for two at Cafe Massena, Paris”

  1. One can find the best hidden gems by looking in unexpected places. I love when that happens! The food does look yummy and considering that I skipped breakfast, it’s making me hungry. LOL!


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