My growing travel list for 2013; what’s on your itinerary?

I’ve been reflecting on the year of travel that was 2012. It’s officially behind us and gosh, it was a busy one.

From changing jobs to founding The Ad-lib Traveller, discovering new getaways to learning more about those close to me,  it’s been an exciting learning curve that has enlightened me at every step of the way. I’ve enjoyed group travel in Bangkok and Koh Samui, Thailand, trips with my partner to destinations like Budapest as well as dates in and around our home city of London to places like Banana Tree and Wong Kei’s. Not only this, but I’ve also shared company with friends at places like Caribbean Scene Royale and other trips like taking my younger sister on her first city break to Dublin. I’ve also been fortunate enough to help out with the London 2012 Olympics – a once in a lifetime opportunity that was again a fun experience.

It’s been an amazing year and has continued to go from strength to strength; I’ve appreciated and enjoyed every trip that has come my way and there is so much more to come – which brings me into this blog post. Whilst reflecting on 2012, I’ve been busy setting out a growing list of travel plans for 2013 – get a sneaky preview of the first quarter of the year outlined below.

January 2013

I kick-started 2013 by visiting Paris to celebrate the New Year with a relaxing break of reflection and preparation for 2013. That was the only name of the game and it really was a fantastic and much-needed time to revive myself.

Later in the month, I’ll be visiting Berlin courtesy of winning the Expedia ‘Making it happen’ Blogger trip (many thanks for your votes – fantastic cooperation)! It’s a first for me to the capital of the Germany and I can’t wait to share my experience with you all. The itinerary is being carefully outlined in coordination with the team at Expedia and it’s sure to be a jam-packed time, maximising all that I wished to experience – exciting times.

February 2013

Heading to Brazil for a two week absorption of carnival, food, culture and of course to soak up some sun and sea. This is the second group trip that I’ve arranged and I’m thrilled that our itinerary consists of staying in Rio, Sao Paulo, Paraty and Ilha Grande – amazing! It’s the first time that any of us within the group have visited the country, so excitement and intrigue has been growing for a long time. We have some great trips lined up and I’ve been fortunate that the company Green Toad Bus have been simply amazing with helping me to get this arranged.

May 2013

Return to France for a two-night stay in Lyon courtesy of a Twitter contest organised by Accor Hotels. I’m looking forward to a stay at the Mercure Lyon Centre Perrache with my boyfriend whilst we do some sight-seeing and check out what this part of France has to offer. Again, it’s a new destination for us and certain to be a fun-filled one.

Like I said, the list is in development. But it’s there. For me, I thrive upon travel planning and having that next trip to look forward to. I always have something up my sleeve and can’t wait to begin organising the rest of 2013 which is sure to involve many of my friends and hopefully a few family members too.

What travel plans will you be making for 2013? Any exciting trips already booked or any particular places that you would just love to see? Leave a comment, I’d love to know!

14 thoughts on “My growing travel list for 2013; what’s on your itinerary?”

  1. I’m so jealous of your upcoming trips to Brazil and Lyon!

    Lyon is great- make sure to bring you appetite. It’s the gastronomique capital of France, if you can believe it. (Or it was when I lived there.)

    And Brazzzzziiiiiilllllllllllll! If you meet a hot footballer, please get their number for me 🙂

    I really want to visit Latin/South America this year. I want to go back to Lyon for a couple of months. And Portugal has been calling my name- I know not why.

    Nothing planned as of yet, but I’m usually a last-minute type of girl.


    1. Thanks for the comment Janine, I’m so excited about all of the trips and Lyon will also be a first so look forward to seeing the range of food there, especially to compare it to Paris :-).

      I look forward to learning about your plans once you’ve confirmed them.


  2. Awesome 2012! My travel highlight of last year was an unplanned, and unexpected, trip to Paris. It was totally last minute and way too short. This year, Paris is on the list for a longer period of time along with Brussels, Amsterdam and Nice.

    I’m also headed to Spain for the annual Running of the Bulls. I will spend some time in Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia and of course head over to the islands of Ibiza/Majorca (I’m still a beach bum at heart).

    Like you, I’m still filling in some blanks, but I would LOVE to end my year on the beaches of Thailand! Wish me luck.


    1. That’s a great itinerary! Like you, I love the city but I’m massive beach baby 🙂 Very jealous of the potential for Thailand, I loved it there but can’t fit it in this year… Plenty of good times ahead.


  3. I am jealous of your itinerary, just like anyone else would be.

    For me, I am hoping this year will bring me a few more trips to my favourite city in the world, London, than last year, as well as a trip to the Caribbean, and some other city breaks, but I don’t have firm plans like you.


      1. As I’m going in the summer, the safest bet seems to the the southernmost part, so the ABC-islands are one option (Aruba, Curacao and Bonaire) or possibly somewhere like Barbados. (or if I win the lottery, all of them and more!)


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