An open letter from the Ad-lib Traveller #byExpedia

UPDATE: Sincere thanks to Expedia UK and readers of the Ad-lib Traveller for casting your votes and providing this opportunity for me to visit Berlin, Germany.

Dear Readers,

As visitors to the Ad-lib Traveller blog, I sincerely hope that you have enjoyed the content that you have read so far and look forward to sharing much more with you all. With my passion for travel constantly growing, every now and then a little help to get to the destination is needed – and that’s where you come in.

I recently entered the ‘Berlin Blogtrip competition’, arranged by Expedia UK, and have now been shortlisted; I’m a step closer to winning, but now it’s the votes that count. By nominating my Modern and Alternative Berlintrip as a potential winner, I might have a chance to visit the city of Berlin, the capital of Germany. You could also be selected to win a £750 travel voucher wih Expedia to live out your own trip – a fantastic opportunity all-round I think. 🙂

Voting closes on the 17th December 2012. Four itineraries will be chosen by Expedia for the final trip to Berlin, which will take place around 21st January 2013.

Here is the full entry that I submitted to Expedia:

Berlin is a city that is well known for its history. Therefore I would like to see and promote a more modern outlook – travel tip: explore through new eyes! I would be keen to explore the street art in the city, including attractions such as the Berlin Wall. I would also want to tour the Oranienburger area and stay in the nearby Eurostars Berlin hotel. A trip with ‘Alternative Berlin Tourwould be informative to learn directly from the artists. A visit to Gespenstermauer sounds like a must to place a coin under bricks at the wall and make a wish to see whether the legend’s are true, before seeing the Variety Show at the Wintergarten as recommended by Expedia.

Restaurant recommendation: Pret A Diner (Supper Club)
Hotel recommendation: Eurostars Berlin hotel.
Activity recommendation: Alternative Berlin
Top travel tip:  Explore through new eyes!

Full details and voting is available here.


Colleen, Founder of the Ad-lib Traveller blog. 

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