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Top 8 Travel Apps for Smartphones

As a regular traveller, I love to travel in the convenience of knowing that my most in-demand mobile applications are with me on my smartphone.

Read on for my top recommended apps which I personally use whilst travelling.

N.B. These are not listed in any particular order!

WordPress mobile app

For blogging, creating drafts and storing photos whilst I’m on the move. This application allows me to completely synchronise (via WiFi) the Ad-lib Traveller blog to my mobile and vice versa – preventing the loss of content that I’m keen to share with you all. 🙂

The majority of my hotel bookings are made via this website – I make use of their rewards programme and have often benefitted from its convenience. So, it makes sense to have the application, allowing me to view and amend bookings when I need to and often being able to cancel at short notice. Plus, the customer services team happen to be very helpful (I’ve had to call them on several occasions for rearrangements).


When I travel, I minimise A LOT of my interaction with home. If something urgent should happen then I am contactable, but in general. I like to switch off. To avoid having to pay to send a text message home, I use WhatsApp (connected to WiFi), send my family a message upon arrival and then, well, that’s it.

50 Languages

It’s all in the title. I stumbled upon this application, pretty much by accident whilst hunting for an app to help me to learn phrases to improve my communication in the local language when travelling. A very user-friendly interface allows you to define the language that you would like to learn and the phrases by topic. You then get to listen to the audio and also see the word written on the screen – great learning method.


I discovered WattPad whilst searching for a free way to read 50 Shades of Grey. Yes, I succumbed to peer pressure and generally wanted to see what all the fuss was about in a low cost way. This app is described as a repository for sharing and discovering stories.

Readers can become authors and authors can develop a closer, more functional relationship with their audience. Books can be written in chapters and shared with the readers for feedback – it’s ‘collaborative, social reading’ at it’s best, with readers able to directly influence the author.


On numerous occasions, I’ve booked a flight and have needed to amend or review the booking, thus involving me needing to often begin comparing the best route for me to take for cost effectiveness. Skyscanner is always my go-to app for perusing flights and ultimately, making a decision before proceeding to book.

Words with Friends

I know, I know. It’s not technically a ‘travel’ app but when travelling, we all need a pastime. Whether you’re sitting in the departure lounge waiting for a connecting flight or relaxing on a beach and want to play a game (over WiFi of course ;-)), this is always my first choice for a bit of a competitive challenge with my friends back home.


When you’re travelling to just about any country, it’ likely that you’ll need to convert cash or understand the currency differentiation for your home country. Whether it’s knowing how many US dollars you can get to the British pound, or the number of dirhams in a Jamaican dollar, this is the app for you. It’s clear to navigate, easy to use and allows you to save your favourite (regularly used) currencies.

Do you use any of the apps listed above when travelling? Or can you recommend any others?

6 thoughts on “Top 8 Travel Apps for Smartphones”

  1. I have been fighting adding WordPress on my phone as I don’t want to get in the habit of writing while I’m out and about. But given so many of my stories never make it to my blog, it might be a good idea…

    WhatsApp is the TRUTH!!


    1. Thanks for the comment April, it’s a really good way of at least jotting down notes whilst your out, which then prompts you to follow it up when you’re on the PC. I find it much easier to work this way rather than having to remember the details as I go.


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